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PenTrac is designed for facilities looking to improve efficiency and standardization in mammography, patient tracking and MQSA reporting. The program enhances patient care workflow by automating the management of patient recalls and reminders, letter generation, statistics and MQSA reports, ultimately saving your clinic time and money while improving patient care and experience.

Features and Benefits​


PenRad’s products are supported by PenCare, a proactive and dedicated support platform committed to customer service. PenCare can provide: software platform enhancements, regulatory updates, industry information, software training, patient needs support, structured report generation, letter template support and more.


Automate retrieval and distribution of DICOM images

PenFetch automatically transfers images in advance directly to workstations or PACs to eliminate staff wait-time for images to appear. These processes can happen after-hours, before patient arrival, and/or processes walk-ins immediately. PenFetch can help optimize network utilization, eliminate manual image transfers, distribute interpreting workloads, distribute images by study type, pre-fetch priors by exam type, check destinations to ensure images do not exist prior to moves, move studies between PACS and more.


Receive instant patient results and render notifications by email

PenConnect automatically provides patients with their results via secure PDF attachment. Easily integrated with PenRad product offerings, this solution aims to reduce the time and cost associated with mailing and handling expenses, as well as ensure patients receive results quickly and consistently. This solution can even be customized to allow physicians to review communications prior to patient notification, and provide an audit trail for users to track messages, email, and phone results.


Collect patient data with digital forms and tablets

Leverage a simple workflow to collect patient information and validate personal and historical data to drive efficiencies and reduce patient wait time on-site. By using PenForms, patients can safely and securely update all personal health information including insurance, health history, familial risk and more on any internet enabled device.


Provide patients with remote check-in from their own devices

Integrate PenXpress with any PenRad solution to allow patients to access and update forms before their arrival. Patients can complete registrations, HIPAA consent, COVID questionnaires, insurance and address updates, consent forms, medical and risk history updates, email sign-ups, instructions for arrival, breast center journeys and procedure videos from the device of their choice.

Azure Hosting

PenRad’s Software Applications Are Available on Our Hosted Azure Ecosystem

PenRad web-hosted applications can be managed on the Azure platform with HITRUST Certification. The move to Azure eliminates the need to purchase and maintain operating system software and hardware locally. PenRad, an Intelerad company, is committed to facilitating client’s move to the Cloud, to help streamline operations, reduce costs, increase patient satisfaction, and increase revenue.


Adaptive learning for automated tracking and analysis

PenRad’s AutoReader saves time, resources, and cost by utilizing adaptive learning and pattern recognition technology to eliminate the need for manual data input for tracking and statistical analysis AutoReader automatically extracts exam information such as exam type, letter type, recall interval and BI-RADS. Information is stored for MQSA audit, tracking, statistics and unresolved case report generation.

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