Use Cases by Department


Innovative solutions trusted by leading radiology imaging centers

Our tools are designed to optimize performance at every stage of the radiology workflow. Intelerad solutions improve experiences for all users – from physicians and radiologists, to the referrers, facilities, and patients they serve.


Leaders in cardiovascular registries, cardiovascular information systems (CVIS), and business intelligence.

We are pioneers in cloud-powered healthcare data analytics and our comprehensive suite of software and services enables high-performance workflows for imaging systems, optimal integration of clinical and EHR data, improved continuity of care, and reduced costs.


Robust, vendor-neutral, standards-based solutions for image review and structured reporting.

Combined with seamless interfaces to third party systems including imaging modalities, EMR, and PACS/VNA, our solutions automate the entire 0B/GYN workflow, resulting in maximum productivity.

Women's Health

Enhance the health and well-being of your patients with image management

Powerful advances in mammography – like digital breast tomosynthesis – are boosting health outcomes for patients. In today’s world, it is crucial that providers can quickly and effectively access, share, and archive these studies for every patient.


Bringing the ease of movement to medical imaging

Focus your attention on what you do best: orthopedic care. Intelerad replaces outdated solutions like CDs with cloud-based medical image sharing that gets patient data in your hands anytime and anywhere – from your home to the hospital operating room.


Optimize Your Management of Neurological Imaging Studies

Surgical success relies on easy access to a patient’s radiology data and imaging studies – an improved system can provide support for the best patient outcomes.


Patients and Physicians Win with Timely Image Management.

Successful treatment in Oncology requires patients having the right care, at the right stage, across multiple providers. Easy and frictionless sharing of images is critical. With Intelerad, you can make this happen while supporting collaborative patient care.

Trauma Center

Save Time When Life Hinges on Seconds

Every second matters during trauma transfers. With solutions from Intelerad, studies arrive before the patient so the receiving team can assess injuries and mobilize trauma teams faster.