InteleShare Research

A comprehensive image management suite designed for the modern researcher, featuring adaptable intake workflows, enhanced accessibility, and specialized tools to manage imaging research data.

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InteleShare Research Benefits

Centralize Access

Establish a centralized imaging repository for streamlined uploads and instant access, ensuring all your research data is conveniently located in one secure, easily navigable space. This unified platform supports DICOM and non-DICOM file types.

Automate Anonymization

Ensure your data's integrity with advanced anonymization features, including native de-identification and DICOM tag morphing, directly within the platform. These features ensure your operations align with compliance standards while streamlining your research workflow.

Streamline Intake

Leverage automated and customizable intake configurations alongside web-based upload options to boost efficiency and eliminate the logistical burdens of managing physical data such as CDs.

Collaborate With Ease

Enable secure, global collaboration with role-based account access and a comprehensive exchange network, ensuring researchers can share and access necessary information while upholding data integrity and privacy.


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