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Our robust imaging technology scales to connect physicians, patient information, and enterprise systems across your organization, enabling smoother workflows that elevate patient care.


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We are committed to supporting hospitals and health systems by seamlessly connecting your enterprise technology to improve operational efficiency and patient care. Our intuitive platforms integrate effortlessly with your existing infrastructure, fostering a more cohesive workflow and allowing healthcare providers more face-to-face time with patients. Our solutions help bridge the gaps between disparate systems, ensuring that information flows smoothly across your health network. This connectivity simplifies clinician workflow and improves the patient experience by reducing wait times and improving care delivery.

It’s become our go to software

"I have been a loyal and happy user of Intelerad's HeartIT software since 2004. It’s been a great help to us and allows us to distribute images rapidly throughout the enterprise and share them with our colleagues. Its web-based design allows us to do that effortlessly, so they don’t have to have access to PACS or a license. It has a variety of tools that are really helpful in analyzing cardiac MRI images and it’s become our go to software for those endeavors." *HeartIT is a previous product name for InteleHeart
Dr. John Grizzard, MD Diagnostic Radiologist and Associate Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University and Health Systems

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