Elevate cardiac CT/MR and echocardiography care with advanced diagnostic precision and effortless sharing capabilities.

A healthcare professional analyzing a cardiogram report on the wall.

InteleHeart Benefits

Drive Precision Diagnostics

Leveraging AI and intuitive viewing tools, InteleHeart transforms cardiac study analysis into a precise and user-friendly experience, driving diagnostic clarity.

Consolidate Imaging

Unify cardiac MR, CT, and echocardiography studies into a streamlined workflow, enabling quicker, more comprehensive patient assessments and answers.

Empower Collaboration

Facilitate peer reviews and real-time collaboration among geographically dispersed teams with automated notifications and PHI anonymization, fostering a more connected and informed cardiac care community.

Increase Cloud Accessibility

Vendor-neutral and cloud-enabled, InteleHeart allows for secure, anytime, anywhere access to diagnostic-quality images and reports, ensuring critical cardiac insights are always within reach.

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Dr. John Grizzard, a Diagnostic Radiologist and Associate Professor at VCU has used Precession (InteleHeart) since 2004. Watch Dr. Grizzard describe the ease of use and cross-network sharing capabilities, which has made InteleHeart their go-to software for cardiac imaging for the past 20 years.


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