Our IntelePACS solution scales to fit the needs of your organization, your physicians, and your staff to create a comprehensive imaging experience that improves patient care.

Imaging Reimagined

Increase Connectivity

Our software is designed to integrate with your third-party health information system (HIS), radiology information system (RIS), and electronic medical record (EHR) solutions.


Work with an intuitive, feature-rich DICOM viewer that has customizable toolsets and a flexible interface so you can tailor your reading and reporting workflow.

Optimize Resources

Our PACS is cloud-based, meaning you’re able to free up IT resources, prioritize security, and minimize downtime.

Prioritize Patients

We’re making imaging processes faster with specially-coded solutions that shorten loading times, so you can get patients the answers they need sooner.

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Hear from Robb Vaules, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing at ONRAD about how their radiologists use InteleViewer every day for a completely customized reading workflow.

Intelerad’s cloud offering has been a great business decision for our company

"Intelerad’s cloud solution allows us to focus on the most important aspect of practice: the patient. By hosting our PACS in the cloud, we are able to provide the highest quality patient care more quickly and efficiently because we are seamlessly backed by a team of technical experts at Intelerad. Our radiologists, referring physicians, and technologists have come to appreciate the security, reliability, and accessibility that the cloud solution provides. Intelerad’s cloud offering has been a great business decision for our company."

Erik Peterson Operations Director
Winchester Radiologists, P.C.

Intelerad has been very responsive to my particular needs

Intelerad's image fusion module is fast, intuitive, and intelligently designed. It's easy to learn, and I can perform my reads quickly and efficiently. It compares very favorably with other leading PET/CT workstations that I have previously used. It integrates perfectly with our mixed workflow of general nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology exams, and its extensive list of customizations allowed me to seamlessly reproduce my previous workflow.  Also, Intelerad has been very responsive to my particular needs, and built several new software functions just for me. I would highly recommend the Intelerad image fusion product. 

Dr. Christian Schmitt Radiology and Imaging Specialists
Lakeland, P.A.

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