Imagix Radiology

With IntelePACS®, Montreal’s Imagix Radiology has been able to unify medical imaging archives, while increasing speed and stability.

About Imagix Radiology

With 13 locations across Quebec’s Greater Montreal and Mauricie regions, Imagix Radiology provides a full host of diagnostic and therapeutic medical imaging services. Serving a population of nearly four million people, the organization’s 52 radiologists read 580,000 studies per year across all modalities. In addition to leveraging cutting edge technology, Imagix Radiology provides outstanding service quality, enhanced by a human approach to providing care.

Our deployment was very fast, and very smooth. IntelePACS integrates nicely with other systems, migrating all the data was an easy process, and the staff who provided the training were excellent.

Benoit Gervais, director of operations, Imagix Radiology

The Need for Speed and Stability

Imagix Radiology was founded in 2005, with a vision of purchasing local clinics who had not yet gone digital. From there, they would be integrated into a network that fully leveraged RIS and PACS technology. This would provide radiologists with a more efficient workflow and access to higher quality images, while providing patients with higher-quality care in less time.

Following years of growth, Imagix Radiology determined that their radiology systems needed to be optimized in order to support the organization’s projected growth for the coming decade. The systems needed to be efficient and facilitate the exchange of health data, both internally and externally. As such, a technological overhaul was required. Intelerad’s IntelePACS has chosen the system, to provide outstanding speed and stability for internal users. This would also enable the adoption of Enterprise Viewer, Intelerad’s enhanced clinical portal, which enhances communications with physicians in the region through constantly evolving technology.

Ensuring a Smooth Deployment

The deployment of a new radiology system across Imagix Radiology’s 13 clinics was done sequentially over a five-month period. This included the installation of Intelerad’s diagnostic viewer, InteleViewer, across all locations, as well as the migration of data to a unified archive.

Throughout the deployment process, Intelerad worked closely with Imagix Radiology to ensure data was migrated smoothly and issues that arose were resolved quickly. At the same time, radiologists were trained on the system in order to be comfortable with it before going live.

Enhancing Clinical and Business Operations

Since going live with the new system, Imagix Radiology has seen operational gains. In addition to IntelePACS’ reliability and stability, the system’s unified archive has made it easier to manage their existing network of sites, as well as the integration of newly acquired sites.

On the clinical side, Intelerad has also enabled a number of clinical gains for Imagix Radiology. In terms of workflow gains, the unified system enables all sites to work off a single worklist (with personalized worklists for each radiologist), which helps enable balanced workloads across sites. In addition, InteleViewer’s intuitive interface allows radiologists to read studies faster. InteleViewer also provides rapid access to full-fidelity images, regardless of network bandwidth or latency. This ensures a consistent user experience, regardless of the radiologist’s location, which is ideal for Imagix Radiology radiologists who read stat cases from home.

Our radiologists find InteleViewer to be highly intuitive,” said Natalie Audibert, PACS Administrator, Imagix Radiology. “It provides a really nice user experience, and radiologists feel they’re more productive using IntelePACS.

Getting Results to Referring Physicians Quickly

For Imagix Radiology, deploying InteleConnect has also been highly beneficial for improving the service they provide to their large base of referring physicians. A zero-footprint solution, InteleConnect provides rapid access to orders, images and reports. The solution also has an iOS app, which alerts clinicians when results or critical findings are available for their viewing (critical results can be accessed outside of InteleConnect as well). According to Mr. Gervais, InteleConnect makes it easier for Imagix Radiology to sell its services to referring physicians.

With InteleConnect, referring physicians have a simple way of accessing all of the information they need.

Business Relationship with Intelerad

In addition to the quality of Intelerad’s solution suite, Imagix Radiology is also quite pleased with the business relationship they’ve developed in past years.

Intelerad is a company that is easy to communicate with and who listens to its clients,” said Mr. Gervais. “I would definitely recommend them to peers in the industry.