Ensure your imaging data is there when you need it with InteleArchive’s cloud archiving for long-term storage and disaster recovery.   

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InteleArchive Benefits

Leverage Cloud Resilience

InteleArchive grows with you, offering scalable long-term storage solutions that evolve in lockstep with your organization, alongside unmatched growth potential and performance for your most responsive imaging infrastructure ever.

Automate Image Management

Features like Image Lifecycle Management and Image Object Change Management ensure efficient use of storage and consistency and accuracy across systems, returning your focus to patient care.

Secure Your Future

Dependable and immutable disaster recovery services will ensure you have cloud-based peace of mind with imaging data that is always protected and available for PACS restoration when you need it most.

Hands-Off Storage Upkeep

Let us handle your imaging storage, upkeep, maintenance, and security so you can get back to focusing on what matters most: your patients.


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