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Change is Underway. Is Your Organization Prepared?

Healthcare trends of consolidation, consumerization, and the shift to value-based care heightens the need for connectivity. The cloud is transforming systems, creating new opportunities for providers to be more efficient, mobile, and connected than ever.

Redundant Imaging Creates Waste and Risk. Ambra Drives Efficiency.

While performing multiple scans used to be a source of revenue, this is no longer true. Now it’s about value and patient outcome. Redundant medical imaging also wastes resources and places patients at risk of overexposure. Empowered patients are actively engaged in exploring their health care choices. Amidst this landscape, the world’s largest health systems like Memorial Hermann run Ambra to embrace change, thrive, and grow.

Ambra enables health systems to reduce unnecessary studies with frictionless, instantaneous image transfers, and integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and Health Information Exchanges (HIE’s). Patients gain image portability and transfer between providers. Better yet, we practically eliminate renegade image sharing that creates compliance risk.

CDs Create Barriers to Sharing. Ambra Connects Everyone.

Error-prone and time-wasting CDs throw up barriers to patient care, waste valuable physician time, and create administrative overhead. Ambra cuts CDs with automated routing from referring providers, speeding patient check-in processes and improving physician productivity with physician-to-physician sharing and rapid image exchange during trauma transfer. And with ease of sharing, we accelerate referrals for in-house second opinion programs.

Systems Sprawl Slows Down Health Systems. Ambra Simplifies.

Multiple systems for diagnostic image sharing and management add substantial administrative cost and overhead. Separate Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), image exchange systems, disaster recovery (DR) solutions, CD upload and burning tools all add up. Ambra provides VNA, PACS, DR, integration and upload capabilities in one unified cloud system, cutting costs and maintenance.

Continuity and Availability is Critical. With Ambra, it’s Built-In.

We know that image management availability is essential. With our cloud solution running in industry leading data centers, some of the world’s largest healthcare organizations rely on Ambra 24/7, 365 days a year, with anytime, anywhere access to studies. For continuity, our managed and secure cloud provides archiving and backup automatically, delivering a powerful foundation to strengthen continuity plans.

The Modern Cloud Antidote to Legacy Systems. Ambra Integrates.

Unlike traditional solutions, Ambra integrates image management into your existing workflows. Our modern cloud-based APIs integrate with upstream and downstream systems like portals for patient self-service, or into EMRs/EHRs like Epic, athenahealth, and others to improve physician productivity. Our modern cloud-based viewer enables physicians to access studies from anywhere. And with proven scalability, Ambra elastically grows with study size and volume.


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