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Efficiently Manage Imaging Data For Research Projects
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Intelerad and Ambra work with academic medical centers as the leading cloud imaging platform for data de-identification, collaboration, medical image viewing, and eCRFs.

Quickly Launch Your New Research Projects

Intelerad handles everything – from setting up individual research folders to initiating large, multi-site research trials. Facilities can customize metrics like timepoint fields, project users and roles, case report forms, and trial workflows.

Imaging data stored via CDs and on-premises archives creates a significant risk for problems including loss of data, user errors, and unscheduled PACS downtime. Intelerad’s secure and scalable Cloud PACS makes it simple to move all research data into one single repository for easy access and viewing.

Eliminate Risk with Anonymized Study Handling & Centrally Managed Workflows

The processes of anonymizing and de-identifying data are tedious and require close attention. Intelerad’s automation removes DICOM tags on the client-facing side, before the study leaves the sending facility. This eliminates the risk of accidentally leaving patient information tags in place. Intelerad also has a pixel de-identification tool to remove any identifiable information from the DICOM itself.

Centrally managed and automated workflows enable studies to be routed to end destinations including local file directories, research repositories, and third-party viewers or post-processing systems. Intelerad’s custom eCRF module supports configurable uploading and reporting of the necessary clinical information for any given project. Managing the flow of incoming study data from various sending sites can be a daunting process. Intelerad manages this seamlessly – incoming studies are routed through configurable workflows and ultimately to your facility. You can enable automated sharing to organizations, locations, groups, and users like QA personnel and investigators.

Cloud-Based Viewing of Medical Images

Intelerad’s zero-footprint, web-based HTML5 DICOM Viewer is FDA 510(k) cleared per FDA regulations and can be accessed with any web browser. You can use this software for QA/QC review or clinical review. Annotations that are recorded in Intelerad’s viewer can be mapped into case report forms for automatic calculations.

Scalable Cloud Archive

Our migration services accelerate the moving of datasets from outside sites, onsite PACS, and local file directories to Intelerad’s Cloud with speed, ease, and confidence. Non-DICOM imaging can be stored side-by-side with DICOM imaging for a holistic view of all patient data. Intelerad provides the flexibility to archive and retrieve all DICOM modalities including MR, CT, PET, CR, US, and MG, along with multimedia formats like JPEG, TIFF, PDF, DOC, DOCX, and TXT.

Drive Connectivity with AI & PACS/Systems/Post-Processing Tools

Intelerad’s open API allows facilities to connect Intelerad with their health care systems, build custom integrations, or develop innovative new tools. Intelerad is proud to partner with a broad range of programs that represent many innovators and leaders in healthcare technology. It is now easier than ever to deploy an integrated application fabric that elevates healthcare efficiency and care for your patients. Organizations are also using Intelerad to train and develop their own imaging AI algorithms.

Tap Into the Power of Living Data

Life Image’s Real World Imaging platform is the world’s largest evidence network specializing in ‘living’ data sets of novel imaging that are linkable to other clinical information. We are the only company on the market today to bring large, heterogenous, de-identified, and linked imaging data sets integrated to longitudinal clinical outcomes to support your real-world evidence programs.


Life Image Real World Imaging

Improve the effectiveness of real-world evidence (RWE) programs for life sciences and artificial intelligence innovation.

Cloud PACS from Ambra

Scale your work with a solution including workflow configurations, our ProViewer, and automated sharing capabilities.