Disc Comfort Fuses Image Management

Using IntelePACS, Disc Comfort has improved patient care by dramatically reducing the time spent loading and viewing patient CDs.


Disc Comfort is a physician founded private practice specializing in spinal procedures. Using IntelePACS, Disc Comfort has improved patient care by dramatically reducing the time spent loading and viewing patient CDs, providing immediate access to images prior to patient arrival.

Intelerad is great for patient care because I always have information at hand for a more powerful, meaningful office visit. And it’s great for the office – no more fumbling around with CDs. Finally, I can work from anywhere.

Dr. Daniel S. Yanni M.D., founding neurosurgeon and CEO

Instant Image Viewing

With a steady flow of patients seeking consultations on spinal disorders at Disc Comfort, Dr. Daniel Yanni saw an opportunity to improve efficiency. He was “frustrated that CDs were becoming a time waster, requiring five to ten minutes per visit.” In some cases, loading viewers and studies would even take thirty to forty minutes, “typically patients have four MRIs of their neck and lower back, and all of the work to review these images was non-billable, non-reimbursable, and an absolute waste of time,” he said.

We’re trying to make the office as paperless as possible. With athena and Intelerad, I can log into both systems from anywhere and have complete access.

Dr. Daniel S. Yanni M.D., founding neurosurgeon and CEO

Seeing an opportunity to transform efficiency, Dr. Yanni chose Intelerad to streamline the process, recalling that “before Intelerad it was like working with one hand behind my back.” After moving to Intelerad, “now my patients are registered with the application even prior to being roomed.” Better yet, with instantaneous access to studies, Dr. Yanni has saved around two hours a day that was previously wasted managing and retrieving studies.

Image-enabled athenahealth

For Disc Comfort, athenahealth is an incredibly important part of the practice. Dr. Yanni wanted to take it a step further and image-enable his EMR. “I wanted to log in from anywhere, pull up a patient, look at history, see their images,” he noted, “and to be able to log into athena, and access Intelerad studies, that’s a huge win.”

Transforming Patient Care

Immediate access to images, right from the EMR, has enabled Dr. Yanni to focus even more on patient care, sharing that, “any time you have information at hand, the patient will benefit, and you’ll have a more powerful, meaningful office visit.” His patients value that their time with the physician is now focused solely on consultation rather than administration.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

On the go, Intelerad is proving valuable too. “I work in half a dozen facilities, and I’m back and forth between them a lot of the time, access to Intelerad enables me to get the information I need working from anywhere,” said Dr. Yanni. And with Intelerad, ease of access even extends right into the operating room.

Unlocking access to studies hasn’t only helped Dr. Yanni, it’s also helped him collaborate with a partner at another practice, providing frictionless image exchange between the two locations.

And at the helm of a rapidly growing practice, Dr. Yanni is leveraging Intelerad to support growing Disc Comfort. “Second opinions are a huge opportunity for this practice, and to take the practice to the next level, Intelerad is a key player.”