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Designed to bring simplicity to complex environments, IntelePACS® provides hospitals, imaging centers, and teleradiology organizations with a robust platform for storing, retrieving, and routing medical images. Combining secure communications and compression technology, our PACS software ensures radiology image and patient data integrity, while providing high availability of electronic images at any time, from any location, and for any case.

The technology backbone of your imaging organization

Renowned for its high levels of interoperability our picture archiving and communications system integrates seamlessly with third-party health information system (HIS), radiology information system (RIS), and electronic medical record (EMR) solutions. For radiologists, the solution provides industry-leading InteleViewer, an intuitive, feature-rich digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) viewer renowned for its ease of use. The solution also facilitates the rapid delivery of results and reports to referring physicians by integrating with Intelerad’s InteleConnect® Clinical Hub.

Intelerad Private Cloud

IntelePACS is now available as a cloud-based, digital storage solution through the Intelerad Private Cloud. This simple, cost-effective, fee per-study model can free up your IT resources with a strong return on investment. IntelePACS will elevate your productivity and security, and help to manage risk related to downtime allowing you to provide greater web-based patient care.

Solutions that Enable Uncompromising Performance

State of the art, robust, and yet easy to use, IntelePACS incorporates customized workflows and imaging modalities, as well as advanced 3D functionality and visualization, including computed tomography (CT) and nuclear medicine imaging. Using 64-bit processing in the solution’s viewer to boost power, the solution also offers native support of sub-specialty reading. Highly customizable, IntelePACS provides the option to add modules based on the specific needs of the organization:

Diagnostic Viewer for Radiologists


InteleViewer™ is an intuitive, feature-rich DICOM viewer renowned for its ease of use. Designed to provide an exceptional user experience, InteleViewer provides highly customizable toolsets and a flexible interface that allow physicians, radiologists, and subspecialists to customize their reading and reporting workflow.

Workflow reading from anywhere

Cloud-based Clario SmartWorklist™

Clario SmartWorklist™ is a cloud-based vendor-neutral worklist that provides a single source for managing all imaging workflow and patient data across the enterprise. Ensure the right provider is presented with the right case at the right time, regardless of the complexity or disparate nature of your environment.

Intelligent workflow insights

PACS Analytics

Using real-time metrics sourced directly from your PACS system, Intelerad Analytics provides deep insight into your operations, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses across your imaging chain to facilitate a culture of continual improvement.

AI-augmented workflow

Intelerad Image Fusion™

Intelerad’s Image Fusion™ module provides advanced quantitative tracking of patient lesion histories across different modalities. Fully-integrated into your reading and reporting workflow, the module enables the interpretation and review of multimodality images, including PET/CT scans, SPECT/CT, and PET/MR, from any InteleViewer™ workstation in your medical imaging organization.

Integrated mammography and tomosynthesis

Intelerad Breast Imaging™ System

Intelerad Breast Imaging™ and Tomosynthesis modules extend InteleViewer’s capabilities by integrating the tools that physicians need to read and report on 2D and 3D breast images. Designed in close collaboration with customers, the modules handle both diagnostic and breast screening program workflows (including breast cancer screening), responding to the specific needs of high-volume mammography imaging departments and businesses.

Optimized reading efficiency

Intelerad® Digital Worksheets

The Intelerad® Digital Worksheets module is a feature-rich, all-encompassing electronic ultrasound worksheet and structured reporting package that provides the ability to review and mark-up worksheet images with the optional power of a touch-screen drawing surface and automatically populate natural-language structured reports built with contextually-aware data.

Tools for efficiency and diagnosis

Intelerad Advanced Visualization Software

Intelerad elevates the radiology specialty reading experience with embedded advanced visualization applications that provide critical toolsets to aid in the efficiency and diagnostic process of advanced radiology procedures.

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