Use Cases by Vertical

Ambulatory Practice

Enhance your ambulatory practices with our enterprise imaging solutions

Intelerad works with ambulatory practices as the leading cloud imaging platform for image sharing, data organization, and fast, cost-effective reading software.

Health System

Drive efficiency in your enterprise

Enable health systems to reduce unnecessary studies with frictionless, instantaneous image transfers, and integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and Health Information Exchanges (HIE’s).

Community Hospital

Modern medical image management

Cut costs and improve efficiency with Intelerad’s PACS and VNA solutions for patient seeking lower-cost care.

Academic Research

Efficiently manage imaging research projects

Intelerad works with academic medical centers as the leading cloud imaging platform for data de-identification, collaboration, medical image viewing, and eCRFs.

CRO and Device

Transforming how life sciences uses imaging

Intelerad instant transfer of anonymized studies, strong storage and uptime processes, and sponsor transparency and self-service.

Urgent Care

Your image management platform for growth

Integration that powers and streamlines the patient journey.

Telestroke & Teleradiology

Access medical images anytime, anywhere.

Intelerad delivers by providing 24×7 access to imaging data and rapid distribution of studies.