Enterprise Image Exchange

Make Medical Image Sharing and Uploading Effortless

Powered by Ambra and Life Image, Intelerad Companies

Exchange medical data across the enterprise and grow your referrals and patient transfers worldwide. Share images in real-time — no VPN or CDs required.

Our Image Exchange solution was engineered for interoperability, built flexibly to suit a variety of use cases, including cross-enterprise workflows, streamlined access for remote clinicians, off-site reads for radiology sub-specialists, imaging-based research for CROs, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, and so much more.

Your Patients Deserve the Best Experience

Patients expect significantly more access to their healthcare data in today’s world. Participating organizations are often rewarded with patient loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. You can support your patients by implementing solutions like online scheduling and allowing patients to update their personal information via a secure portal. While this is a great start, the image-enabling of your patient portal can take satisfaction to the next level. Thoughtfully designed exchange software reduces administrative frustration and maximizes valuable consultation time for both patients and providers.

Ambra Health + Life Image = Intelerad Global Leader in Image Exchange

Intelerad’s acquisition of Life Image in September of 2022 opened the door for us to support the market’s most comprehensive image exchange solution to date, combining Life Image’s extensive exchange network with the core capabilities of the Ambra Health platform.  

Life Image’s network includes 160,000 providers, 58,000 global clinics, and over 7 billion imaging files.

Now with an exchange network of over 15,000+ exchange sites, Intelerad is the decisive image exchange leader, prioritizing interoperability, vendor-neutral capability, innovation, and security.

It’s Time to Ditch the Disk

Executive Insights from Ambra Health, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Mount Sinai, and Weill Cornell Medical College

CDs still act as the prevalent method of image exchange across the US healthcare system despite 75% of healthcare experts surveyed in a consumer report believing that eliminating CDs would improve patient care. CDs place an enormous amount of pressure on patients.

Connect with Your Patient Portal

Whether you are using Epic, athenahealth, Drchrono, Cerner, Greenway, or another patient portal – we’ve got you covered. Our cloud-based image management solution quickly plugs into your portal and supports a broad range of file types. This software can even be customized to your existing needs with flexible and comprehensive web-based APIs. Existing studies can then be accessed instantly from within the patient jacket of your EHR, or even from a mobile device.

Access Imaging―Before the Consultation

Are you spending time before or during an exam fumbling with CDs to access studies or struggling with different proprietary viewers? Intelerad connects to any patient portal and provides a simple, intuitive way for patients to upload their own imaging studies from a CD – no forgotten studies and no administrative time wasted. And with our universal, web-based FDA 510(k) viewer, physicians get the same, consistent viewing experience for every consultation.

"By enabling patients to upload imaging to our portal, DISC Sports & Spine reduced time spent accessing imaging by 60 percent, and freed up physicians to spend more time with patients”

Manage and Route Patient-Provided Studies with Ease

With Intelerad, studies uploaded by patients are automatically routed to the right physician using sophisticated workflow rules. Our cloud image management suite ensures that studies are securely stored, pushed to PACS, backed-up, and always available for viewing. It’s even simple to instantly share these patient-uploaded images within your practice or network.

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