Introducing Intelerad Cloud

The Right Cloud Partner Can Change Everything

Intelerad Cloud is a menu of expertly cloud-engineered solutions designed to optimize the benefits of Cloud technology and scalability potential without sacrificing the performance of onsite architecture.

The Foundation of Intelerad Cloud

Restore data to IntelePACS – with a cloud-native, long-term, infinitely scalable imaging storage solution.

Leverage a safe, accessible, and cost-effective alternative to on-premise infrastructure and long-term cloud storage.

2022’s No. 1 Best in KLAS winner. Securely send and receive patient data, promote collaboration, and simplify patient access.

Cloud Long-Term Archive

Empower your organization to transition from hardware toward offsite storage of patient data with industry-leading security.

Provide anytime, anywhere access to patients’ medical imaging with our zero-footprint, web-based patient portal.

Enable patients to easily log into a zero-footprint portal and gain direct access to exam history, images, and reports.

A flexible, scalable secondary storage archive, highly integrative with web-based access. 

Centralize data for highly-efficient imaging in a vendor-neutral, cloud-enabled, and scalable archive.

Integrate into any PACS with a zero-footprint solution that allows physicians access from a desktop or mobile device.

Customize a zero-footprint, web-based DICOM viewer, complete with advanced tooling like  MIP, PET/CT fusion, MPR, and more.

Intelligently distributes exams through a singular, comprehensive access point, regardless of the complexity or disparate nature of your reading environment.

Scale your work with Cloud PACS, complete with workflow configuration, ProViewer, and automated sharing capabilities.

The Power of the Cloud

Embracing Cloud technology should never come at the cost of speed or reliability. You can combine the best of both worlds with a Cloud-based infrastructure designed for efficiency while creating more streamlined workflows that improve accessibility across systems.​​

Intelerad Cloud Powers Winchester Radiologists

Watch as Erik Peterson, Operations Director at Winchester Radiologists, talks live from RSNA 2022 about the cost-savings and efficiencies driven by Intelerad’s cloud-hosted PACS. Peterson shares that Intelerad Cloud provides security as well as speed and reliability, giving Winchester Radiologists “the opportunity to really focus on our end users, which is our radiology departments and ultimately the patients in our community.” 
Watch today to see how Intelerad Cloud improves the lives of radiologists, and ultimately improves patient care. 
“Intelerad Cloud allows us to focus on the most important aspect of practice – the patient. By hosting our PACS in the cloud, we are able to provide the highest quality patient care more quickly and efficiently because we are seamlessly backed by a team of technical experts at Intelerad, who are standing ready 24/7/365 to assist with any PACS needs.”
Erik Peterson
Operations Director at Winchester Radiologists

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5 Reasons to Move Your Imaging Infrastructure to the Cloud

Unlike most industries, healthcare providers have been slow to move their infrastructure to the Cloud. However, with the rise in adoption of private clouds, a fully-hosted and fully-managed medical imaging platform has become a credible and strategic option for replacing some or all of your on-premise infrastructure.

The Benefits of Transitioning to the Cloud for Medical Imaging

The landscape of PACS for medical imaging is transitioning from on-premise to Cloud solutions. However, not all healthcare IT systems are ready to transition fully to the cloud. These organizations can benefit from a hybrid cloud approach, where a portion of their IT remains on-site while certain applications, such as backup and data recovery, are migrated to the Cloud.

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Leveraging AI for Improved Patient Care

Watch this informative webinar about how a collaboration with Blackford, an AI partner of Intelerad, as they discuss how Blackford AI works with IntelePACS for enhanced solutions to common problems like volume, speed, and efficiency.
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Clario SmartWorklist Self-Guided Demo

In this step-by-step self-guided demo, see how cloud-based Clario SmartWorklist intelligently distributes exams through a singular comprehensive access point.
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The Future of Enterprise Imaging for Radiology

In a progressively complex digital healthcare ecosystem, the pursuit of an Enterprise Medical Imaging (EI) strategy can feel somewhat daunting. Intelerad is pleased to introduce a new white paper “From Isolated Archive to Connected Hub: The Evolution of Enterprise Imaging” that will help you get started and guide your journey.
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