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PenLung Screening Capabilities

Lung screening presents a number of challenges for diagnostic imaging centers with Low Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT). Patients must be screened for eligibility requirements while participating centers are required to upload pertinent exam information to a lung cancer screening registry in order to qualify for payment.

PenLung offers facilities a comprehensive unified lung screening and tracking software solution to manage patients participating in lung screening programs. This system also provides automated web and tablet calculators to collect smoking and environmental risk history for patient eligibility, along with the facility’s LungRADS™ reporting combinations, which in turn automates the entire reporting, auditing and lung cancer screening registry upload.

Feature and Benefits

Standard Features

LDCT Tracking

Optimize ROI through PenLung with a low initial investment for all LDCT and ACR reporting needs. The PenLung platform includes automated patient tracking, calculating statistics, automated letter generation in multiple language formats, and automated administrative reports for program evaluation and data mining. PenLung can be installed onsite or as a web-based solution hosted by PenRad where all data is securely transmitted in compliance with HIPAA regulation.

Nurse Navigator

PenRad’s Nurse Navigator workbook increases productivity while enhancing patient care through the tracking, recording, and planning of the patient’s journey. As additional evaluation is required, facilities are able to record and track the sequential progression of each procedure or event for the patient’s journey, ranging from; additional imaging, to biopsy, to cancer board, to various therapies, to surgery and reconstruction. For facilities offering Genetic consulting or arranging, the Nurse Navigator workbook also assists in this process. PenRad’s rich patient medical and risk system collects family cancer history, and automatically computes genetic testing eligibility with multiple models, optimizing the clinician’s time.

Pathology tracking

Offering the industry’s most comprehensive package for clinical relevance statistics, PenLung’s pathology system fulfills the needs for the general audit. It also offers many extended benefits for research to track direct correlation between imaging attributes and pathology, and correlation with patient risk factors such as gender and age. The pathology system automates correlation of pathology for each abnormality for initial and secondary pathology (re-biopsy and surgical). As a biopsy is initiated for each abnormality (bound to imaging exam and location), a pathology exam record is created pending pathological results. PenRad offers as an option a pathology results interface (HL7) that attaches the pathologist report to the pathology exam and biopsy exam for reference to automate biopsy report generation and pathology tracking.

LDAP Sign In

PenLung includes LDAP integration to minimize passcode maintenance. Within the profile of each user, various rights and preferences can be assigned: For Technologist General or master rights For Data Entry User, general or master rights and transcription options PenLung retains application position and size, plus the unique locations for; report preview, medical and risk data, administrative reports, by user, facilitating various workstation monitor combinations. Also, location filters can be applied to filter worklists by individual workstations as well.

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