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Integrate PenLung into your existing radiologist reporting workflows. PenLung is designed for facilities that already have a reporting solution and are looking to improve efficiency and standardization in Low Dose CT screening.

Intelerad’s lung screening solution seamlessly integrates with the Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR) to harness automatic data extraction. Enhanced patient tracking and comprehensive care navigation streamline your processes.

Solution Benefits

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Automated tracking and analysis

PenLung saves time, resources, and costs by pattern recognition technology to reduce the need for manual data input for tracking and statistical analysis. PenLung’s AutoReader automatically extracts information from reports even if it is generated through a 3rd party application. The user can leverage PenLung even if they use a different preferred dictation system. AutoReader extracts exam information such as exam type, letter type, recall interval and Lung-RADS. Information is stored for audits, tracking, statistics and unresolved case report generation.

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PenLung offers a comprehensive patient tracking solution through the journey of care for Imaging Centers, Clinics, and Hospitals that perform general lung screening. PenLung is a cloud based solution where all data is securely transmitted in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Click the “Learn More” button to read the one-pager.

Lung Navigator

The Lung Navigator workbook increases productivity while enhancing patient care through the tracking, recording, and planning of the patient’s journey. As additional evaluation is required, facilities are able to record and track the sequential progression of each procedure or event for the patient’s journey, ranging from additional imaging, biopsy, cancer board, various therapies, to surgery and pathology.

Patient management / Low Dose CT (LDCT) tracking

The PenLung platform includes automated patient tracking, statistics calculations, automated letter generation in multiple language formats, and automated administrative reports for program evaluation and data mining.

Pathology tracking

PenLung’s pathology tracking system fulfills the needs for a general audit. It also offers many extended benefits for research to track direct correlation between imaging attributes and pathology, and correlation with patient risk factors such as gender and age. The pathology system automates correlation of pathology for each abnormality for initial and secondary pathology (re-biopsy and surgical). PenLung offers as an option a pathology results interface (HL7) that attaches the pathologist report to the pathology exam and biopsy exam for reference to the biopsy report generation and pathology tracking.

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