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Designed for maximum reading efficiency and comfort

InteleViewer™ is an intuitive, feature-rich DICOM viewer renowned for its ease of use. Designed to provide an exceptional user experience, InteleViewer provides highly customizable toolsets and a flexible interface that allow physicians, radiologists, and subspecialists to customize their reading and reporting workflow. It also helps maximize efficiency through its embedded critical results management, reporting templates that streamline processes, and communication tools that enhance collaboration.

Excels in any Environment

A native 64-bit solution, offering versions for both Windows and Mac, InteleViewer is a web-enabled solution that offers high performance in both local and remote environments. Built for speed, InteleViewer uses advanced streaming technology to rapidly deliver images (including priors) directly from servers when they aren’t already cached on workstations.

Enhances performance across the enterprise

Providing flexible worklists to manage individual, sub-specialty, and group caseloads, InteleViewer includes a set of administrative tools that help define user and application preferences, and set individual or group access permissions. Provided through unlimited user licenses, InteleViewer improves image access across the entire organization (including diagnostic, clinical, and web users), is HIPAA-compliant, and suitable for external access.

Artificially intelligent. Naturally smart.

Built with AI in mind, InteleViewer incorporates native and third-party Artificial Intelligence functionality to provide streamlined and automated workflows across your enterprise. Our broad range of workflow intelligence solutions include:

  • SmartWorklist driven by a sophisticated assignment engine to ensure cases are assigned to the most appropriate physician
  • SmartLayouts that accurately automates the process of hanging studies based on individual physicians’ reading preferences
  • Advanced image analysis tools
  • A rich set of analytics tools that enable informed business decisions based on robust and real-time data


Radiologist efficiency is significantly enhanced with automated volumetric registration of current and prior imaging studies that enables immediate and simultaneous comparison of multiple relevant studies.

“We read studies that originate from numerous locations, using many different types of MRI technology. InteleViewer takes images from any site and makes them efficient to navigate. This high productivity and efficiency have directly influenced the practice’s revenues and growth.”


Preview expected outcomes

Orthopedics Surgery Templating

Intelerad Orthopedics module provides orthopedic surgeons with the digital tools they need to perform preoperative planning, with simulation to preview expected results prior to surgery.

Improving performance by reviewing diagnostic quality

Intelerad Radiology Peer Review

Intelerad’s Peer Review module helps raise quality standards across the enterprise by allowing physicians to review the diagnostic quality of colleagues’ reads and provide structured and systematic feedback in a timely manner.

Study tagging and radiology teaching files

Intelerad RendezVous™

The Intelerad RendezVous™ module includes Study Tagging and Teaching Files functionality that improves collaboration and enhances enterprise-wide education and training.

AI-augmented workflow

Intelerad Image Fusion™

Fully-integrated into your reading and reporting workflow, the module enables the interpretation and review of multimodality images, including PET/CT scans, SPECT/CT, and PET/MR, from any InteleViewer™ workstation in your medical imaging organization.

Integrated mammography and tomosynthesis

Intelerad Breast Imaging™ System

Intelerad Breast Imaging™ and Tomosynthesis modules extend InteleViewer’s capabilities by integrating the tools that physicians need to read and report on 2D and 3D breast images.

Optimized reading efficiency

Ultrasound Digital Worksheets

The Intelerad® Digital Worksheets module is a feature-rich, all-encompassing electronic ultrasound worksheet and structured reporting package that provides the ability to review and mark-up worksheet images with the optional power of a touch-screen drawing surface and automatically populate natural-language structured reports built with contextually-aware data.

Tools for efficiency and diagnosis

Intelerad Advanced Visualization Software

Intelerad elevates the radiology specialty reading experience with embedded advanced visualization applications that provide critical toolsets to aid in the efficiency and diagnostic process of advanced radiology procedures.

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