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Empower your organization to manage and share vital patient data seamlessly. Eliminate silos, drive efficiency, and reduce costs by implementing solutions designed to best suit the needs of physicians while improving patient care.

The Enterprise Imaging and Informatics Suite includes best-in-class technology from Ambra Health’s Image Exchange, the market’s most scalable PACS solution from IntelePACS, optimized worklist efficiency from Clario, and much more. Leveraging the suite gives you the ability to manage images from all modalities from capture through storing, viewing, sharing, and analysis.

The Foundation of the Enterprise Suite

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“The key to our success has been the steady, continuous workflow that IntelePACS provides us. The solution has also enabled us to analyze and re-analyze each step of our workflow to determine the best opportunities for improving and enhancing our processes. Ultimately, IntelePACS enables us to provide superior patient care.”

Prepare for the Future of Enterprise Imaging

Designed to bring simplicity to complex environments, IntelePACS® provides hospitals, imaging centers, and teleradiology organizations with a robust platform for storing, retrieving, and routing medical images. Combining secure communications and compression technology, our PACS software ensures radiology image and patient data integrity, while providing high availability of electronic images at any time, from any location, and for any case.

From Isolated Archive to Connected Hub: The Evolution of Enterprise Imaging

Whether an organization is establishing its inaugural EI strategy or looking to adjust efforts, prioritization of these elements will ensure a more calculated approach that realizes the full potential of this powerful technology.

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