Women's Health

Harnessing Powerful Updates in Technology to Impact Patients' Well-being


Powerful advances in mammography – like digital breast tomosynthesis and BRCA testing – are boosting health outcomes for patients. In today’s world, it is crucial that providers are able to quickly and effectively access, share, archive and manage patient data.

Support the Health & Well-Being of Your Patients with Advanced Capabilities for Managing Images and Data

As a provider, your patients rely on you to make the best and most timely decisions for their care – this requires you to have efficient access to their studies. Sharing exams among OB/GYNs, Radiologists, and patients should be frictionless; however, the reality of this process is often different, with hard-to-read CDs that may arrive in the mail or be given directly to the patient.

Powerful, web-based access via our Patient and Referring Physician Portals makes it easy to receive inbound exams (via CDs or direct routing), add them to your archive, and easily route for referral. With Intelerad, both inbound and outbound sharing can be simple.

PenRad Is Now An Intelerad Company

“Lung and breast cancer impact millions of individuals, and screenings play a major role in saving lives. By integrating PenRad’s core solutions into our company, we can ensure all patients have access to the scans they need to decrease health risks, while at the same time offering healthcare systems greater productivity.” – Mike Lipps, CEO

Explore solutions to expand your capabilities in mammography and lung analytics, including PenRad, PenTrac, and PenLung.

Reduce Administrative Strain

A single, uncompressed image from tomosynthesis is about 450MB in size. Because of this, on-premises archives and solutions (like traditional PACS and VNA systems) often buckle under the strain of this growing size and volume. These systems become more expensive to run and create unnecessary exposure that can risk loss of data. Intelerad’s elastic cloud uses modern, secure cloud storage to archive images and automate retention policies. This is a cost-effective solution that offers built-in backup and availability.

It is also vital to optimize administrative tasks by automating processes in mammography reporting workflows. Through PenRad MIS, improvements in your clinical operations efficiency will pay dividends towards the quality of your patient experience, minimizing manual input to maximize face time with patients.

Empower Women by Offering Complete Access to their Imaging Studies and Data

Advancements in healthcare technology like 3D mammography and the ability to perform genetic analysis on high-risk patients are often recommended to more closely evaluate patient history and mitigate unknown health factors. These modern technologies support the early detection of many breast cancers, creating a tangible impact on patient outcomes. Intelerad extends this innovation to your patients through the PenRad High-Risk Breast Clinic module and through our web-based, cloud solutions promoting immediate access to patient health data when and where they need it.

Intelerad makes it simple for patients to feel empowered throughout their healthcare journey and patient-physician experience.

Connect with Your Patients Using Our Advanced and Intuitive Viewer

The use of tablets provides the opportunity for physicians to have a more intimate experience with patients, especially when discussing their images and diagnoses. Intelerad’s zero footprint, HTML5 mobile-friendly viewer offers an intuitive sharing experience for physicians and patients alike. With powerful cloud access, physicians can locate imaging studies anytime and anywhere – from home or in the clinic.

It is also possible to reduce any stress or confusion related to updating patient health history and checking in for upcoming appointments. With PenForms and PenXpress Check-In, patients can focus their attention on communicating needs and concerns with their physician once they arrive onsite.



Improve efficiency and standardization in mammography, patient tracking, and MQSA reporting through PenTrac’s comprehensive tracking and automation.

PenRad MIS

Drastically improve mammography reporting workflows by automating tasks and eliminating duplication.

PenRad High Risk Breast Imaging

Improve efficiency and standardization in mammography, patient tracking, and MQSA reporting through PenTrac’s comprehensive tracking and automation.


Provide professional reporting and comprehensive fetal growth analysis throughout the gestational period.

OB-View Net

Provide HIPAA-compliant, remote-reading access to the entire Digisonics OB/GYN image management and clinical reporting system via Citrix or VDI.


Leverage image review and structured reporting of OB/GYN studies with a robust, vendor-neutral, standards-based solution.

OB-Search Analytics

Find, track, and compile vital information with a fast, comprehensive and configurable search tool for patient data.

Digital Worksheets

Review and mark-up images with a feature-rich, electronic worksheet and structured reporting package.