No EMR can match the value, insight or the support we provide with our mammography information system

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With a growing shortage of radiologists, technologists and IT staff, PenRad MIS offers productivity and financial gains by significantly improving professional productivity, quality and revenue in mammography reporting workflow.  Automate tasks and eliminate duplication while streamlining secondary data input and transcription with PenRad MIS.

Simply stated, there is a high cost for not having a dedicated mammography solution integration with an EHR. When considering the cost associated with support staff and consultants to create custom reports, systems problem solving, and the ongoing updates and maintenance of business software, it is clear the all-in-one EHR has its benefits. However, breast facilities are best served with PenRad technology for optimization of staff resources, research and patient engagement.

How PenRad Benefits You

The Radiologist

Enhance exam management and streamline workflow with optimized worklists

Improve procedure efficiency with narrative reporting (structured/free-text/VR, and CDS)

Customize and preset macros to enhance professional productivity

The Technologist

Simplify, enhance and automate record keeping, reminder and follow-up processes

Create and review electronic history sheets with one tap on the screen

Greatly minimize paperwork while providing in-depth and accurate information to the radiologist

The Administrator

Automate all statistical tracking, reporting, follow-up and reminder processes

Simplify by centralizing all record keeping with a common database

Enable patients to go to any facility in the system while maintaining individual site statistics

The Patient

Quality mammography information system that provides instant results

Experience enhanced care and education through efficiencies gained

The first step in proper tracking, monitoring and fighting breast cancer


Automatic retrieval and distribution of DICOM images

PenFetch automatically transfers images in advance directly to workstations or PACs to eliminate staff wait time. These processes can happen after-hours, before patient arrival, or ad-hoc processing. PenFetch can help optimize network utilization, eliminate manual image transfers, distribute interpreting workloads, distribute images by study type, pre-fetch priors by exam type, check destinations to ensure images do not exist prior to moves, move studies between PACS, and more.


PenRad’s products are supported by PenCare, a proactive and dedicated support platform committed to customer service. PenCare can provide: software platform enhancements, regulatory updates, industry information, software training, patient needs support, structured report generation, letter template support and more.

More from Intelerad:

PenTrac is designed for facilities that are seeking a solution to improve efficiency and standardization in mammography, patient tracking and MQSA reporting. The program enhances patient care workflow by automating management of patient recalls and reminders, letter generation, statistics and MQSA reports, saving time and money.

Lung screening presents a number of challenges for diagnostic imaging centers with Low Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT). Patients must be screened for eligibility requirements, and participating centers are required to upload pertinent exam information to a lung cancer screening registry in order to qualify for payment.

PenRad’s High-Risk Breast Clinic module offers a comprehensive solution for patients and clinicians. Automated breast cancer risk assessment, genetic testing eligibility, insurance authorization, patient education, data management and more, all part of the offering.