PenRad MIS significantly improves professional productivity, quality and revenue in mammography reporting workflow. Automate tasks and eliminate duplication while streamlining secondary data input and transcription with PenRad MIS.

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Automated Tracking and Analysis

PenRad’s AutoReader saves time, resources, and cost by pattern recognition technology to reduce the need for manual data input for tracking and statistical analysis. AutoReader automatically extracts information from reports even if it is generated through a 3rd party application. The user can leverage PenRad while using a different preferred dictation system. AutoReader extracts exam information such as exam type, letter type, recall interval and BI-RADS. Information is stored for MQSA audit, tracking, statistics and unresolved case report generation.

High Risk Screening Platform

PenRad’s High-Risk Breast Clinic workflow offers a comprehensive solution for patients and clinicians. Automated breast cancer risk assessment, genetic testing eligibility, patient education and data management are all part of the offering.

Reduce Patient Anxiety

Improve your patients’ experience by easily sending their results by email once their exam has been read. This also reduces the time and cost associated with mailing and handling expenses. This solution can even be customized to allow physicians to review communications prior to patient notification, and provide an audit trail for users to track messages, email, and phone results.

Simplify Patient Intake

Allow patients to fill in required forms from the comfort of their home or provide them with mobile devices once they arrive in your facilities. Easily confirm previously entered information to speed up the process and make changes where needed.

Peer Review

Simple to use during interpretation, the user may peer review a narrative report of images used for comparison, as well as record the level of concurrence. Various administrative reports are available to reflect level of concurrence; by radiologist, by exam type, notes and quantity. An exam can also be peer reviewed by multiple radiologists. Learn more about our Peer Review Solutions.

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PenTrac Mammography Tracking

Integrate PenTrac into your existing Radiologist Reporting workflows. It is designed for facilities that already have a reporting solution and are seeking a solution to improve efficiency and standardize their breast imaging program. PenTrac offers patient tracking, sending patient results, and streamlining MQSA reporting.
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High-Risk Breast Clinic Platform

Incorporating the High Risk Screening Platform into our Mammography Information System is a leap forward in proactive breast health management, ensuring that those most vulnerable to breast cancer receive the specialized attention and care they deserve.
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PenLung streamlines the Lung Screening process, ensuring that patient eligibility screening and requisite data submission to lung cancer screening registries are performed with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Eliminate administrative overhead and enable your diagnostic imaging center to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.
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