Cardiovascular System Solutions

Intelerad’s Cardiovascular Image and Informatics Suite (CVIS) offers a comprehensive suite of vendor-neutral software applications, integration tools, structured reporting, and cloud-powered healthcare data analytics allowing you to collect data once and use it multiple times to make informed clinical and business decisions.

Improve efficiency with the most scalable and performant image management ecosystem

Intelerad CVIS offers consolidated, anywhere access to all Cardiovascular subspecialty workflows. Clinical work is done in a single session on one workstation so there is no need to go to different departments or systems. Reduce operation costs by combining all of the functions in Cardiovascular advanced imaging into one platform.

Expansive integration to redefine workflows and allow additional flexibility for Cardiologists

Intelerad’s suite of Cardiology focused products are designed to integrate into any existing infrastructure, facilitating the sharing of data and improving efficiency to ultimately drive better patient outcomes.

Explore our cardiovascular solutions


Browse our industry-leading health systems: HealthView CardioPACS, HeartIT’s Precession, and Healthview ECG Manager that specialize in structured reporting, workflow management, and image management.


Cardiovascular registries software streamlines the data collection and submission process, integrating with imported data from multiple sources to prevent redundancy and errors from implementation to harvest.

Business Insights

HealthView Analytics™ (HVA) is a vendor-neutral business intelligence platform that delivers the timely clinical and financial metrics your facility needs to improve patient outcomes, maximize reimbursements, and identify cost-saving opportunities.