Client Services

You Are Not Alone.

Find Your True North

To ensure long-term success, Intelerad’s NorthStar Client Services guides clients from first contact, to implementation and beyond. Our team of expert advisors is equipped to tailor workflows to meet organizations’ specific needs; proactively monitor and track your systems to resolve issues before they affect users; and quickly respond and resolve any technical support issues.

Dedicated to Your Success

At every stage of your Intelerad journey, NorthStar’s Client Success Managers work proactively to ensure our products and services are fully leveraged, and that desired outcomes are met. Together with our experts, they can help enhance workflows and recommend solutions that address your unique business needs; increase efficiency and ROI; support your growth objectives; and more!

A Seamless Transition to Your New Enterprise Imaging Platform

With vast experience in deploying and expanding Intelerad solutions and workflows for healthcare organizations of any size, Intelerad’s dedicated project managers oversee the entire implementation process. This ensures effective collaboration and communication between stakeholders throughout planning and implementation.

We have a broad portfolio of technical services to address your unique needs, from adding new modules to support your evolving workflows, to managing system expansion and growth, to performing data merges and migration, as well as other related business demands.