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To those we met, and those we missed, thank you for connecting with us at RSNA23. Our team looks forward to take actions, opportunities, and feedback from RSNA to drive impactful change to your imaging workflows. By connecting with you, we see the big picture.

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Intelerad to Reveal Product Enhancements at RSNA, Unifying Imaging Data Across Health Systems

“Intelerad’s platform is the backbone of our clients’ imaging strategies, and at RSNA 2023, we’ll share more about our ongoing efforts to unify our solutions, connecting with EHRs throughout the ecosystem and expediting the delivery of improved patient care,” Intelerad President Morris Panner said. “We look forward to connecting with colleagues and peers to discuss product innovation, medical imaging developments and initiatives for improving the overall patient experience.”

With healthcare’s most comprehensive imaging and analytics platform, Intelerad offers the speed, scalability, and simplicity needed to improve patient health while accelerating business performance. Patient care is at the core of everything you do. And every choice we make as a company is in pursuit of supporting you in achieving optimal patient outcomes. 

Intelerad is one of the leading providers of medical imaging software and services for the healthcare industry. Nearly 2,500 healthcare organizations around the world rely on Intelerad products to manage patient data, helping them reduce time and workload while improving patient outcomes. Intelerad’s award-winning Enterprise Imaging solutions have been recognized globally by KLAS, with Intelerad’s Ambra Health ranked #1 in Image Exchange for eight consecutive years.

We look forward to sharing technology solutions that drive workflow efficiencies, provider excellence, and better patient care.

Learn why our Enterprise Imaging Suite is provider-preferred

Intelerad’s Enterprise Imaging and Informatics Suite includes best-in-class technology including: the world’s largest image exchange network, the market’s most-scalable PACS solution, a market-leading workflow orchestrator, and much more. Leveraging the Suite gives you the ability to manage images from all modalities from capture through storage, viewing, sharing, and analytics.

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Ambra Health + Life Image = Intelerad Global Leader in Image Exchange

Intelerad’s acquisition of Life Image in September of 2022 opened the door for us to support the market’s most comprehensive image exchange solution to date, combining Life Image’s extensive exchange network with the core capabilities of the Ambra Health platform.   Life Image’s network includes 160,000 providers, 58,000 global clinics, and over 7 billion imaging files.
Now with an exchange network of over 15,000+ exchange sites, Intelerad is the decisive image exchange leader, prioritizing interoperability, vendor-neutral capability, innovation, and security.
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Physician Burnout,
a Call to Action

Commonly defined as “a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress”, burnout has become a very real and pervasive problem within the radiology profession.
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Healthcare doesn't need another patient portal. It needs the right one.

Most patient portals do not have the ability to collect, assemble, add, and store complicated diagnostic images that are critical to treating chronic and complex conditions.
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