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Universal Access to Images Stored Across the Enterprise and Beyond

A highly scalable zero-footprint viewer, Enterprise Viewer provides doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals with seamless access to all patient images stored across the imaging ecosystem. In addition to supporting multiple -ologies, Enterprise Viewer provides a common interface that connects to picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and vendor-neutral archives (VNAs) on multiple sites and image-enables EMR and EHR systems, making it a single point of access for all of your enterprise medical image viewing.

Built for Speed

Using unique technology following market research and industry trends, Enterprise Viewer ensures rapid access to diagnostic-grade, lossless images. Regardless of location or bandwidth, Enterprise Viewer ensures that performance is never compromised.

A Single Solution for All Clinicians

In addition to providing clinicians with diagnostic-grade image manipulation, Enterprise Viewer supports multiple -ologies. The viewer also provides many functions, including multi-monitor support, hanging protocols, and intelligent context-aware tools.

Zero-Trace for High Security

Compatible with any desktop or mobile web browser, it allows clinicians to view images at any time, from any location on any medical image viewing equipment. As a web-based solution, there is no installation or maintenance required. A highly scalable solution, Enterprise Viewer is built with modern technology and has a flexible backend design that can be deployed remotely. It also supports virtual environments, and does not require costly GPUs or dedicated server hardware. The sophisticated interface engine is easily adaptable to new technologies, such as HTML5, and will continue to evolve for new browsers or viewing systems.

A standards-based solution, Enterprise Viewer easily connects with existing infrastructure, applications, devices, and software without sacrificing clinical workflow. A ‘zero-trace’ solution, Enterprise Viewer does not store patient information on users’ devices. Patient information can no longer be accessed once the clinician closes their web browser or mobile application.

Enables Real-Time Cross-Enterprise Collaboration

Regarded for its ease of use, Enterprise Viewer enhances patient care by enabling clinicians to collaborate over medical images in real time. Equally accessible by cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, surgery, and other specialty departments, as well as by referring clinicians, Enterprise Viewer ensures that patient images are readily available for remote-consultation, grand rounds, tumor boards, and other collaborative functions.

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