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Powerful clinical worklist manager

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Powerful clinical worklist manager

Designed to enhance communication with referring physicians, InteleConnect® EV allows referring physicians to keep a close watch on real-time order statuses through the patient activity dashboard. In addition to providing specialists with tailored worklists, the solution intelligently auto-filters the most relevant orders and images for clinicians.

Universal access

Featuring a universal clinical viewer, InteleConnect EV provides physicians with zero-footprint access to any IntelePACS® or third-party PACS or DICOM archive properly configured in an InteleOne® XE environment. A platform-agnostic solution, InteleConnect can be accessed via desktop or mobile web browsers, or the solution’s streamlined iOS app.

Enhanced viewer

Provide referrers and specialists enhanced image manipulation tools and diagnostic-grade images in an entirely redesigned HTML5 zero-footprint-viewer which is embedded directly into the InteleConnect EV patient case editor.

Images from the patient’s full longitudinal record are immediately accessible making it easy to perform side-by-side comparisons with prior exams, which can be marked up with any of the enhanced image tools.

Facilitates truly patient-centric care teams

Designed with the end user in mind, InteleConnect EV requires no training or software installation. To manage sharing, discrepancies, messaging, and customized notifications, the solution provides users with clinical intelligence and collaboration suites, while the InteleConnect EV iOS app provides push notifications, as well as a global count of all notifications from multiple providers.

“A lot of referrers are looking for mobile, anytime/anywhere access. Since other practices in the area were not meeting that demand, InteleConnect provided Progressive Radiology with a powerful, competitive advantage. This is putting us ahead of the curve. It has absolutely helped attract more referrers.”

Critical Results™ module

Intelerad’s Critical Results™ solution enhances communication between radiologists and physicians by creating a feedback loop that ensures vital patient information is not overlooked and is communicated in a timely manner.

Optional built-in analytics

Using analytics sourced directly from InteleConnect EV’s optional Patterns module, organizations are provided valuable insight regarding their referrer base. Presenting the data visually, organizations can easily decipher where their most valuable referrers are located, which type of device they are using to access the portal, and how they navigate through InteleConnect once inside.

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