Cross-enterprise diagnostic imaging platform

An interoperability solution for medical imaging, InteleOne® seamlessly links clinicians to patient images and reports stored across disparate HIS, EMR, PACS, and VNA systems. By connecting clinicians to the various repositories found within the imaging ecosystem, the solution creates imaging workflows that enable better subspecialist utilization, improve collaboration amongst colleagues, and help deliver higher quality care in less time.

Less work. More flow.

InteleOne takes enterprise workflow orchestration to an entirely new level. By providing seamless integration between enterprise-wide disparate systems, and taking away time-consuming manual interventions, such as study assignment, InteleOne orchestrates order management, automates enterprise workflows and, accelerates diagnostic performance.

Workflow. Automated.

SmartWorklist™, powered by the Intelerad Assignment Engine™ automatically and intelligently executes the providers goals in terms of sub-specialty management, SLAs, workload balancing, and after-hours assignments.

Greater than the Sum of its Parts

InteleOne links clinicians to the various repositories found within the imaging ecosystem, enabling them to provide higher quality care in less time, and improve collaboration with colleagues.

“InteleOne saves me an hour per day. It also gets rid of the feeling that 20 percent of my day is spent bouncing between IT systems and not being a radiologist.”

-Dr. Chris FleenerPresident and Radiologist, Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants

Avoid Data Migrations

In a constantly changing environment, moving data can feel like a never-ending ordeal. By connecting to data where it resides, InteleOne allows sites and systems to be easily added or removed from the imaging ecosystem within a minimal interruption and impact on care. It also allows infrastructure to be replaced at your own pace.

Enhance Quality & Performance

By allowing any case to be read from any location, InteleOne enables physicians to read for multiple sites across the enterprise, provide subspecialty coverage to all facilities, accommodate after-hours shifts, and read from home.

Rapid Access to Complete Patient Information

In addition, InteleOne’s cross-enterprise image access and diagnostic workflow provides clinicians with a greater view of prior results, providing a richer patient context from previous episodes of care. By leveraging a built-in Master Patient Index, InteleOne automatically compares patient patient data from different repositories and identifies potential matches. This provides clinicians with a comprehensive view of the patient’s records, saves time, eliminates the need for and the cost of repeat imaging exams, and ultimately leads to better clinical outcomes.

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