InteleConnect® Patterns

Referring physcian metrics

Better understand your referrer base

An optional service built into InteleConnect®, Patterns provides radiology groups with metric-based insight regarding the behavior of your referring physicians. This includes data regarding where your most valuable referrers are located, which type of device (desktop or mobile) they are using to access your referring physician portal, and how they typically navigate through the portal once inside.

Data-based insight on your referrers’ use of InteleConnect

InteleConnect Patterns provides a competitive advantage through key sets of data. This includes behavioral data, including the number of new vs. returning visitors to your portal; the frequency of referrers’ visits, how recently referrers have visited, and the amount of time spent in the portal per visit; geographic data, including the city they are located in and the language they speak; and acquisition data regarding your direct and referral traffic sources

Move your practice ahead of the pack

An essential solution for executives and business development managers, Patterns allows users to analyze usage of your referring physician portal features, develop regional strategies based on geographical referral performance, and adapt your strategy to mobile device adoption and usage. For marketing managers, Patterns reflects the effectiveness of campaigns and incentives programs.

Visual data allows for quick analysis

InteleConnect Patterns provides visual insight through dashboards that display and monitor changes in traffic patterns. This includes a referrer’s average visit duration, bounce rate, site visits, page views, and more. Meanwhile, flow reports allow users to view and analyze the path that visitors take through your portal – from entry to exit.

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