PACS Analytics

Actionable insights through our cloud-based analytics tool

Optimize performance across the organization

Using real-time metrics sourced directly from your PACS system, Intelerad Analytics provides deep insight into your operations, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses across your imaging chain to facilitate a culture of continual improvement. Tracked medical imaging data includes:

  • Physician productivity (RVUs, study volumes; turn-around times, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance (peer-review and image quality review metrics)
  • Departmental workflow (patient journey/timelines)
  • System level data (study volumes; data volumes; performance metrics, etc.)

Instant access to relevant information

Compiling tailored data for business managers, chief radiologists, and operational support staff into automated dashboards and reports, Intelerad Analytics eliminates the need to cross-analyze big data. These metrics can be located from any location, allowing radiology departments to make sound decisions quickly and alleviate bottlenecks on the spot.

Improve Your Quality of Service

In addition to fostering productivity and optimizing physician utilization, Intelerad Analytics ensures that you are compliant with your various service level agreements. The solution also allows you to attract new business by demonstrating improved practice performance to potential customers.

Key features

  • Real-time and interactive reports
  • Mobile-friendly (HTML5), web-based portal accessible from anywhere
  • Pre-defined templates library and fully customizable reporting capabilities
  • User profile management allows you to tailor dashboards and reports for executives, business managers, radiologists, physicians, and key operational staff
  • Automated report generation and delivery

See how PACS Analytics can work for you