The Enterprise Imaging and Informatics Suite Product Details

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Cloud-based Clario SmartWorklist™

A vendor-neutral worklist that provides a single source for managing all imaging, workflow, and patient data across the enterprise.


  • Centralize outstanding cross-departmental worklist priorities
  • Increase radiologists’ productivity with auto-next reading mode
  • Tailor worklist and assign studies based on the radiologists’ work schedules and sub-specialties

Key Features:

  • Vendor-neutral workflow management
  • Native and third-party Artificial Intelligence
  • Seamless access to images across the enterprise


A comprehensive PACS solution that protects images and patient data, while providing access to electronic images at any time, from any location, and for any case.

  • Improve workflow efficiency through a highly performant, scalable PACS and universal diagnostic viewer
  • Quickly access patient records across databases to improve quality of care
  • Facilitate cross-enterprise collaboration between specialties and research sites

Key Features:
  • Cross-enterprise diagnostic imaging platform
  • Intuitive and powerful universal diagnostic viewer

Enterprise VNA

A vendor-neutral, cloud-enabled, scalable archive that centralizes data for highly-efficient imaging and reports access to drive better patient care.

  • Centralize access to patient data, regardless of vendor
  • Customize your storage needs to scale
  • Maintain consistency and reliability by syncing data corrections and deletions with Image Lifecycle Management (ILM) and Image Object Change Management (IOCM) features

Key Features:
  • Interoperability between disparate systems
  • ILM
  • IOCM

Image Exchange

A robust solution for securely sending and receiving patient data across geographies, promoting collaboration, and simplifying patient access.

  • Enhance productivity and receive imaging data from third-party sites in real time
  • Promote interoperable workflows between organization systems
  • Expand patient reach by deploying new workflows to accept out-of-network patient imaging
  • Automate exchange workflows and leverage native DICOM tag morphing functionality

Key Features:
  • Cloud-based image sharing
  • Anonymization of patient data
  • Workflow automation

Life Sciences Suite

A suite that optimizes image intake, anonymization, and quality control for research workflow in clinical research, pharmaceutical, and medical device organizations.

  • Supply researchers with centralized data from disparate geographies
  • Automate quality control procedures and client or server-based anonymization workflows
  • Enable collaboration and maintain data security through specified site user access
  • Offer multi-intake study file upload methods including web-based upload and the Ambra Gateway DICOM router

Key Features:
  • Manual and automatic anonymization of data
  • Multi-intake DICOM ingestion solutions
  • Unified data organization and automated image exchange

Cardiovascular Suite

Intelerad's Cardiovascular Image and Informatics Suite offers a comprehensive suite of vendor-neutral software applications, integration tools, structured reporting, and cloud-powered healthcare data analytics allowing you to collect data once and use it multiple times to make informed clinical and business decisions


  • Unparalleled interoperability with point-of-care solutions and enterprise systems
  • On-demand access to enterprise PACS images for comparison and analysis
  • Automated findings and conclusion generation for rapid results delivery
  • Functional access to the largest image exchange network for care without borders

Key Features:

  • Cloud-native HealthView Analytics (HVA) for clinical, operational, and financial insights, which help to decrease avoidable costs through effectively managed process improvement. 
  • Healthview CardioPACS is a vendor-neutral, multi-modality Cardiovascular PACS system allowing clients to complete reports and integrate cath lab, echo, radiology, and cardiology imaging in a centralized archive. 
  • Precession, a Cardiac MRI solution, specializes in streamlining CMR reading workflows through the support of Structured Reporting and the ability to automatically place images in anatomical sequence.
  • HealthView Registries (HVR) provide the ability to submit data to the major registries such as ACC and STS, allowing for your hospital to continually improve outcomes. 

OB/GYN Suite

A powerful, vendor-neutral OB solution to manage images, reporting, and workflows.

  • Automate workflows to eliminate manual entry time and reducing errors
  • Ensure interoperability and seamless interface with third-party systems
  • Employ structure reporting analysis of OG/GYN studies
  • Monitor professional documentation and database storage

Key Features:
  • Advanced vendor-neutral image handling with real-time display
  • Structured reporting analysis of OB/GYN studies
  • Professional documentation and database storage

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