Patients and Physicians Win with Timely Image Management.

Successful treatment in Oncology requires patients having the right care, at the right stage, across multiple providers. Easy and frictionless sharing of images is critical. With Intelerad, you can make this happen while supporting collaborative patient care.

Better Image Management, More Efficient Oncology Care

Oncology visits usually begin with imaging studies. Juggling multiple incoming MRIs, PET, and CT scans on different CDs brought in by patients wastes valuable time on all accounts. With Intelerad, oncologists have instantaneous access to studies even prior to patients being roomed. This saves time that was previously spent managing and receiving studies, or handling error-prone devices, like CDs – which could take up to hours of your day! With our software, the results speak for themselves: better productivity and more focused patient care.

Improving Collaboration That is Essential for Oncology Treatment

As oncology patients move through each phase of treatment, providers must be able to share relevant information while preventing unnecessary duplication of studies. It can be difficult to transfer all of these MRIs, tomosynthesis images, X-rays, PET, and CT scans. Intelerad offers cloud-based image management that makes it easy for providers to upload studies, electronically receive images, and share this data across locations and with other specialists – securely and instantly.

Grow Your Second Opinion Oncology Practices and Initiatives

Second opinion initiatives are on the rise in Oncology and easily receiving studies is foundational for the success of these programs. Intelerad makes this process simple by eliminating incoming CDs and empowering patients to upload and access their images for immediate evaluation. Patients gain better access to second opinions, while physicians gain streamlined patient flow and inquiries.

The Power to Minimize Duplicate Studies

Multiple providers and many exams involved in the patient’s journey can heighten the risk of duplicate studies, increasing the possibility of unnecessary radiation exposure. Our centralized, easy to access cloud VNA along with the integration of gateways and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) makes finding and reviewing previous studies more effective and reliable than ever.

Accelerate Treatment by Reviewing Studies Anytime, Anywhere

Having timely access to studies is critical for diagnostic imaging. A key benefit of real-time image exchange is the ability to retrieve data whenever it is needed. With Intelerad, images can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and on any browser-based tablet or viewing station.


Referring Physician Portal

Give physicians easy access to patient orders, images, and reports, anywhere, anytime.

Patient Portal from Intelerad

Enable patients to easily log in to a zero-footprint portal and gain direct access to exam history, images and reports.

Patient Portal from Ambra

Provide anytime, anywhere access to patients’ medical imaging with our zero-footprint, web-based patient portal.

Image Exchange

2022’s No. 1 Best in KLAS winner. Securely send and receive patient data, promote collaboration, and simplify patient access.

Enterprise Viewer

Integrate our zero-footprint solution into any PACS system, allow access to patient images, reports, and critical notifications.

Cloud VNA from Ambra

A flexible, scalable secondary storage archive, highly integrative with web-based access.

Cloud PACS from Ambra

Scale your work with a solution including workflow configurations, our ProViewer, and automated sharing capabilities.