Optimize Your Image Management Nervous System

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Surgical success relies on easy access to a patient’s radiology data and imaging studies – an improved system can provide support for the best patient outcomes. If you are still using CDs to manage your imaging, it’s past time to upgrade. Neurosurgeons all over the globe are using Intelerad for efficient and timely access to data.

Empowering Neurosurgeons with Faster Access to Studies.

Neurologists rely on full-fidelity, diagnostic quality images to make critical decisions on patient care, collaborate with their peers, review exams with patients and caregivers and perform research to advance the discipline. Regardless of where these images originate, the real-time exchange of neurological imaging and associated records among physicians, hospitals and patients is the lifeblood of the profession.

With a steady flow of patients, acquiring data from CDs quickly becomes a waste of time for providers; handling this technology can require ten minutes or more per visit. Juggling multiple incoming MRIs of necks, brains, and lower backs on different CDs takes time that is non-billable and non-reimbursable. An optimized image sharing process ensures expert and well-coordinated care, improves clinical outcomes, reduces duplicative testing, boosts patient and physician satisfaction, maximizes patient/physician time, and ultimately impacts the bottom line.

Focus on Evaluating Results – No CDs Necessary.

Despite the importance of health data liquidity to neurology, poor interoperability between hospitals, specialists and systems continues to hamper care coordination and ultimately patient care. This is particularly true in neurology, where specialists deal with complicated cognitive impairments like Alzheimer’s and dementia, which are often a co-diagnosis or one of many ailments for aging patients. Improved collaboration and coordination enabled through image-sharing platform, powered by Life Image, can also save lives by linking Neurologists to remote, community EDs and trauma teams as they work on time-sensitive Telestroke cases.

Spend valuable time with patients and streamline assessments with easy access to brain and spine imaging from referring physicians. You can still upload studies using our powerful CD ingestion software. Intelerad makes you more productive and benefits your patients by supporting a more powerful, meaningful office visit. Our solutions integrate directly into your current EMR/EHR (like athenaClinicals), so all existing patient information and studies will be available upon your first login.

Today, Neurosurgeons Are Always On the Go. Access to Images from Anywhere is Critical.

If you’re like many neurosurgeons, we would guess that you work in multiple facilities and are constantly back and forth between these sites. Intelerad supports your need to work from anywhere – with our FDA Class II mobile viewer, you have easy access to studies from your laptop or tablet. All you need is an internet connection.

Exchange, Share, and Collaborate with Fellow Neurosurgeons.

Collaborative care is the key to success for any modern Neurology clinic or department. Intelerad offers secure, automated routing that integrates with PHI data to support complete and frictionless image exchange among individuals, locations, or departments. This streamlined image exchange brings new opportunities, like second opinion. Receiving studies is now easier than ever – from direct routing to uploading via a patient portal, Intelerad makes referrals a breeze.

Disaster Recovery and Scalable Storage. As Standard.

You can count on secure and reliable access to studies, even while these data continue to expand in frequency and size. CDs and PACS are prone to failure and loss of data, either from system disruptions or physical loss of media. Intelerad moves your images to your cloud, which is managed in our data centers. You can have secure, round-the-clock access to your information and peace of mind knowing that your studies are reliably archived. Better yet, our elastic storage can grow as needed with image volume and size.



Leverage our enterprise viewer and tailored worklists to connect with referring physicians and share patient information in real-time.

Enterprise Viewer

Integrate our zero-footprint solution into any PACS system, allow access to patient images, reports, and critical notifications.

Cloud PACS from Ambra

Scale your work with a solution including workflow configurations, our ProViewer, and automated sharing capabilities.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Restore data to IntelePACS. with a cloud-native, long-term, infinitely scalable imaging storage solution.