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Our technology simplifies processes with intuitive interfaces that integrate with your systems, help manage workloads, and keeps everyone on top of SLAs.


Expedite Imaging Results

At Intelerad, we understand the daily challenges faced by radiologists. Our solutions are designed to streamline radiology workflows, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and give you back valuable time each day. By automating routine tasks and optimizing image management, we help you focus more on patient care and less on administrative burdens. Experience a boost in efficiency with tools that expedite image processing and reporting, allowing you to achieve more with less effort and significantly reduce turnaround times.

Intelerad’s cloud offering has been a great business decision for our company

"Intelerad’s cloud solution allows us to focus on the most important aspect of practice: the patient. By hosting our PACS in the cloud, we are able to provide the highest quality patient care more quickly and efficiently because we are seamlessly backed by a team of technical experts at Intelerad who are standing ready 24/7/365 to assist with any PACS needs. Our radiologists, referring physicians, and technologists have come to appreciate the security, reliability, and accessibility that the cloud solution provides. Utilizing the cloud solution allows our imaging center to use our space more effectively for patients without the costly overhead of messy data closets. Intelerad’s cloud offering has been a great business decision for our company."

Erik Peterson Operations Director, Winchester Radiologists, P.C.

An easy transition

"Intelerad has helped us create a unified reading environment in a time of great change for our market. We have been able to absorb the increased volume of new hospital accounts, while continuing to drive subspecialty and quality in our interpretations. Although complex, our transition to Intelerad and the InteleOrchestrator has been an easy transition for Rome Radiology Group, and the facilities we support."

Dan Philips, MD Rome Radiology Group

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