Dedicated patient tracking solutions to capture risk identifiers, streamline information sharing, and patient communication, specifically designed for breast and lung imaging organizations.

A healthcare professional assists a patient during a mammogram procedure for breast cancer screening.

InteleScreen Benefits

Optimize Communication

InteleScreen manages patient letter communications, ensuring timely follow-ups and increasing patient satisfaction by helping everyone stay on track for their next recommended examination.

Automatically Track and Report

With automated MQSA tracking and reporting, InteleScreen generates comprehensive audit reports at a click, making it easier than ever to maintain compliance and prepare for MQSA audits.

Improve Turn-around Time

Simplify time-intensive tasks with InteleScreen's productivity enhancements, such as single-click negative reports and same-day results, dramatically improving report turnaround times.

Customize Workflows

InteleScreen supports structured reporting and seamlessly integrates with third-party health record and dictation software, enabling tailored workflows that align perfectly with your team's needs and preferences.


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