Study tagging and radiology teaching files

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The Intelerad RendezVous™ module includes Study Tagging and Teaching Files functionality that improves collaboration and enhances enterprise-wide education and training. RendezVous provides tools that drive continuous improvement across your organization, leading to more integrated care delivery teams and improved patient outcomes. The solution also offers a suite of powerful interactive visualization tools and one-click collaboration for referrers, accessible from anywhere across the enterprise using InteleViewer.

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Better collaboration

Easily prepare case lists for follow-up without interrupting your workflow using the study tagging feature, which allows you to quickly flag important studies. The Intelerad RendezVous module’s collaboration features allows you to create organized worklists with pre-defined presentation states and layouts so that you can conduct meetings and rounds efficiently.

Better education and training

The sophisticated teaching solutions in the Intelerad RendezVous module provide a flexible practice environment that seamlessly integrates into reading and specialist workflows. Students can be provided with actual case results before, or after they perform their own interpretation. The ability to create comprehensive, de-identified teaching files is seamlessly integrated into reading and specialist workflows. The Intelerad RendezVous module elevates the quality of care delivered by helping you leverage the knowledge and expertise of your healthcare organization through collaboration and organization-wide learning.

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Study Tagging

The Intelerad RendezVous module includes a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use study tagging feature that is tightly integrated into the clinical workflow to bring your diverse multi-disciplinary team into one cohesive and coordinated unit. Using a single action to set a case aside for future reference, and advanced tools for retrieving and managing your cases, your collaborative care team will be more organized and coordinated within your multidisciplinary learning environment.

Features include:

Teaching Files

The Intelerad RendezVous module provides a seamlessly integrated teaching files workflow that allows your clinicians to provide a detailed and anonymous learning environment, ideal for training the next generation of care providers and supporting ongoing professional improvement.

Features include:

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