Cloud-based, vendor-neutral, zero-footprint radiology worklist

Improving quality with personalized and context-aware technology

Clario SmartWorklist™ is a cloud-based vendor-neutral worklist that provides a single source for managing all imaging workflow and patient data across the enterprise. Ensure the right provider is presented with the right case at the right time, regardless of the complexity or disparate nature of your environment.

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Artificially intelligent. Naturally smart.

Built with AI in mind, InteleViewer incorporates native and third-party Artificial Intelligence functionality to provide streamlined and automated workflows across your enterprise, decreasing turnaround times. Our broad range of workflow intelligence solutions include:

  • A smart worklist driven by a sophisticated assignment engine to ensure cases are assigned to the most appropriate physician, radiologist, or subspecialist
  • SmartLayouts that accurately automates the process of hanging imaging studies based on individual physicians’ reading preferences
  • Advanced image analysis tools
  • A rich set of analytics tools that enable informed business decisions based on robust and real-time data

Universal, unified cross-enterprise workflow

Seamlessly integrating with InteleViewer™ (or other 3rd party viewers), SmartWorklist™ unifies reading workflow across the enterprise by aggregating reading tasks and priors from disparate systems and locations into a single, actionable worklist that enhances productivity and resource utilization organization-wide. As well, SmartWorklist™ eliminates costly over-reads by ensuring physicians only read exams for which they are credentialed, while simultaneously providing insight into enterprise-wide priors across diverse identifier domains, including confidence levels for potential matches.

The right study, at the right time

SmartWorklist™ automatically assigns cases to the most appropriate subspecialist and escalating priority cases to ensure the right study is read by the right radiologist, physician, or subspecialist. Well-organized and color-coded, it provides physicians with at-a-glance visibility into the status of urgent cases to help ensure STAT and service-level agreement (SLA) thresholds are consistently met. Additionally, comprehensive patient confidentiality workflow ensures sensitive patient data can only be accessed by authorized care providers across the enterprise.

Clario SmartWorklist™ is available as a cloud-hosted solution

SmartWorklist™ is available as a cloud-hosted solution

The ability to intelligently manage radiology workflows through our cloud-based platform will help to build business resiliency as your practice grows. SmartWorklist™ allows the physician to focus on what matters while giving you the freedom to read from anywhere.


  • Context-aware worklist based on physician specialty, credentials, workload, location, availability, and more
  • Universal access to patient orders, images, and reports across the enterprise
  • Integrated Master Patient Index to provide access to relevant priors from diverse patient identifier domains, including confidence level for potential matches
  • Intelligent, automatic prioritization and escalation of STAT and SLA cases, including alerts and notifications
  • Launch a variety of 3rd-party viewers and voice recognition systems
  • Performance dashboards that track individual reading workload and progress
  • Technologist workflow, including quality assurance and collaboration tools
  • Sophisticated cross-enterprise licensing and credentialing access controls
  • Comprehensive patient confidentiality workflow, including VIP and break-the-glass
  • Seamless interruption management workflow
  • Peer review workflow with flexible quota rules that are balanced alongside daily workload
  • Integrated conferencing and teaching workflows
  • Linked analytics to track reading productivity and performance

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