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Intelerad Acquires Life Image: Working Toward Global Image Exchange

Intelerad has made big waves in the world of image exchange: we recently acquired Life Image, another leading company in this space. 

What Does This Really Mean?

Intelerad and Life Image have combined to form the largest image exchange network in the world! We are building a future where imaging data can be shared quickly and easily with clinicians around the globe. It’s time to do away with costly, outdated processes (like CDs) and lean into cloud-based solutions.

Why Does This Matter?

While many solutions claim to be patient-centered and focused on clinicians, it is very challenging to navigate these complex problems. For example, it is often difficult for providers to share images unless they use the same sharing platform. This can delay the entire process:

  • clinician readings and reports
  • official results and diagnostics
  • recommendations for treatment
  • and scheduling a procedure or surgery.


Intelerad and Life Image offer solutions for clinicians and hospital systems to streamline imaging workflows.

The Future of Image Exchange

This deal further solidifies Intelerad’s position as a market leader in enterprise image exchange. Intelerad and Life Image shared a joint vision of creating a nationwide image-sharing network. We are working to advance patient care with 24/7 digital image sharing from any device, no matter the location.

Better Interoperability, Streamlined Workflows

Leading healthcare systems have shifted their focus toward interoperability, especially as it relates to imaging. The ability to streamline these workflows can create better outcomes for clinicians, patients, and health systems.

Moving Forward Together

Intelerad is working toward a future where transferring and reviewing imaging data is seamless. This is possible with our cloud-based solutions that are focused on the needs of clinicians and patients. Together, we are on the way to a “true, nationwide, electronic image-exchange network.”

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