Demystifying Cross-Enterprise Imaging:

Industry Analysts & Thought Leaders Weigh In

With the transition to a value-based healthcare model, and an industry ripe with consolidation, cross-enterprise imaging continues to grow in importance. In this white paper, five industry experts define cross-enterprise imaging, explain why it’s important, and why it needs be on your radar. 

  • What is Cross-Enterprise Imaging?
    Nadim Daher, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
  • The Business Case for Cross-Enterprise Imaging
    Christopher McMillan, CEO, Diversified Radiology of Colorado
  • The Clinical Advantage of a Cross-Enterprise Imaging Workflow
    Christopher M. Fleener, MD, Body/Abdominal Imaging Specialist & President, Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants
  • Changes in the Market that are Causing a Greater Need for Cross-Enterprise Imaging
    Advisory Board Company
  • Cross-Enterprise Imaging: What to Look for in a Solution
    Jef Williams, Managing Partner, Paragon Consulting Partners