Cardiovascular Workflow Solutions for Service Line Success: A Webinar Series

Almost as complex as the human heart itself, cardiovascular services are made up of so many different sub-specialties with unique needs and specific challenges. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, service line leaders faced rapidly changing regulations, evolving payment models, growth in registries, and an increased need for easily accessible performance data.

Registry solutions and data analytics are just part of an overall cardiovascular information system (CVIS) that sets heart programs up for success. This educational webinar series will tackle various aspects of that CVIS, examining one robust solution at a time and highlighting how it can help you by connecting disparate systems and devices to promote clinical and operational efficiency as well as patient and provider satisfaction.

Interoperable Workflow Solutions for a Synchronized Electrophysiology Lab

A fully interoperable, vendor-neutral solution for your electrophysiology lab is the key to keeping your workflow streamlined, efficient, and in sync—no matter what other systems you have in place. Learn how easily completed patient reports will result in comprehensive, accurate patient data that’s readily available across the continuum of care.

Structured Reporting and Analytics for Invasive Cardiology

Dr. James Tcheng from Duke University Health System shares how they have implemented a team-based approach, embedded intelligence, and concurrent abstraction. See how LUMEDX workflow and registry solutions support performance initiatives, as well as driving quality, efficiency, and productivity.

A Total Solution for the Pediatrics Cardiology Workflow

View this webinar to learn how a total suite of solutions for invasive and non-invasive pediatric cardiology registries works with disparate sources to put the data you need into a single location for clinicians and administrators alike.

Structured Reporting for Echocardiography Excellence

Orlando Health shares its echocardiography journey and shows us how LUMEDX’s HealthView Echo solution enables a streamlined, integrated workflow for echo labs, improving data accuracy and delivering a holistic, chronological patient record at the case’s end.