A Smart Approach to AI

By recognizing the promise of AI and committing to establishing a lasting AI strategy, healthcare organizations are well-positioned to embrace the future of medical imaging. To stay agile and ahead of the curve for clinical AI adoption, the radiology enterprise benefits most from a flexible approach.

A single point of access to an array of market-tested options for testing and implementing AI technologies within the clinical workflow provides this flexible approach. It enables healthcare executives and IT decision-makers to establish and manage an AI road map that suits their organization’s timeline, readiness, focus and changing needs over time.

Stay at the Forefront of AI Innovation

Intelerad Medical Systems has a long history of driving innovation in medical imaging. With one of the first PACS to be developed in a hospital setting, Intelerad has been focused on improving the workflow, diagnostic, and storage capabilities surrounding digital imaging in healthcare for over two decades.

This longstanding leadership position in healthcare workflow is extended to the arena of AI through strategic partnerships with leading AI platform and algorithm providers. Thus, Intelerad customers always have access to the most current and advanced clinical AI solutions.

By working closely with its AI partners, Intelerad achieves advanced integration with its viewing technology, extending the superior ease of use and workflow capabilities for which Intelerad solutions are known.

Customers have access to a continuously growing range of AI platform technologies and regulatory-approved algorithms. They can implement clinical AI applications via Intelerad integration with the Blackford Platform™, create a custom AI portfolio based on EnvoyAI™ platform integration, or deploy high-performance AI-powered algorithms from Zebra™ Medical Vision.

Intelerad is committed to providing a single point of access to best-of-breed clinical AI solutions that are integrated into a radiologist’s natural reading workflow, enabling customers to venture into the new frontier of advanced, AI-enabled medical imaging at their own pace.

Don’t get left behind – take a smart approach to AI.

Intelerad AI HUB

The Intelerad AI HUB is a clinical imaging resource center that gives Intelerad clients access to a wide and growing range of regulatory approved AI algorithms developed by market-leading global AI companies that are provided through strategic AI partnerships. The AI HUB is a one-stop-shop for Intelerad customers to explore clinical AI algorithms that are integrated with Intelerad enterprise imaging.