Adopt a Lasting AI Strategy

Healthcare organizations that take an AI platform approach will have the agility to evolve their technology strategy and incorporate new advances from a range of vendors as we proceed through this new era of advanced medicine.

What is an AI Platform?

An AI platform provides a foundation upon which AI algorithms and applications can be built. It is a collection of elements which enable the creation, testing, deployment, and use of machine learning algorithms that leverage massive datasets to deliver intelligent services.Technological innovation in the field of AI is occurring extremely rapidly, and early commitment to a single provider is limiting and risky. Alternatively, a flexible and robust AI platform will support the development of applications by an entire community of third parties.An AI platform makes it possible to build an optimized healthcare IT ecosystem with individual best-fit AI-enabled applications, from multiple vendors, that are selected based on their superior ability to meet the needs of specific departments and specialists.

Furthermore, a platform can simplify the acquisition of available, regulatory-approved AI algorithms that operate upon it through a centralized marketplace.


An Intelligent Strategy to Accomplish More with Less

In radiology, integration between an AI platform and medical image viewing solutions allows seamless incorporation of AI algorithms into established clinical workflow processes, maximizing productivity and efficiency gains. (Read more about “The Promise of AI” for medical imaging.)There are myriad clinical applications for AI-assisted radiological analysis. Screening for common cancers, such as breast cancer or colorectal cancer, is a perfect fit. The detection of cardiovascular abnormalities and musculoskeletal injuries holds great promise for AI decision support. Effective and clinically-relevant AI algorithms are being developed to aid in neurological disease diagnosis. The list goes on and is continually expanding. To ensure success, healthcare organizations must stay nimble enough to add, enhance or replace technology components as advancements occur.

Institutional readiness for AI-enabled medical imaging is critically important. Developing a flexible and intelligent strategy that allows experimentation and flux without harsh penalty is paramount for ensuring an AI-ready organization that can do more with less.

Embrace the future of medical imaging.

Intelerad AI HUB

The Intelerad AI HUB is a clinical imaging resource center that gives Intelerad clients access to a wide and growing range of regulatory approved AI algorithms developed by market-leading global AI companies that are provided through strategic AI partnerships. The AI HUB is a one-stop-shop for Intelerad customers to explore clinical AI algorithms that are integrated with Intelerad enterprise imaging.