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Imaging is the currency for earning and growing your referrals. Accept imaging studies with ease when you upgrade your physician portal – make this uploading process simple while ensuring precise routing to the correct physician, radiologist, or subspecialty. You can even deliver annotated imaging back to your referrer directly through the cloud.

Break Down Barriers to Referrals. Shift to Imaging Ubiquity.

Forcing your referring physicians to sign up for an image sharing service, change their current routine, or pay for software can prevent you from growing your referrals and may disrupt existing relationships. Intelerad’s frictionless approach ensures that no extra signups are required for your referrers – data can be delivered via a secure web link, website, or email to upload or access imaging studies.

Your Portal is a Referral Mousetrap—Upgrade It.

Enhancing your portal with image-enabling features will reduce the need for CDs, and unnecessary studies. We are adding immediacy back into the referral process. Intelerad handles a robust range of file types and seamlessly embeds these in your referring physician portal. With industry-leading uptimes, your referrers can feel confident in sharing imaging data with you at any time.

“Ambra enables us to flow imaging like water, so we can focus on stimulate incremental referrals and making our imaging story about more revenue, not just less cost.”

Routes Your Referrals to the Right Physician, Every Time

Intelerad’s workflow engine routes the correct study from the referrer to the right physician, radiologist, or subspecialty. This is accomplished with intelligent routing rules that enable physicians to access this data anytime and anywhere, using our universal viewer. You no longer have to worry about losing referrals and won’t be wasting your time chasing studies that were sent to the wrong location

Provide Better Referring Physician Service

Referring physicians always have a choice. They will send patients to radiologists or other physicians who, in return, can offer the best services. That is why Intelerad provides bidirectional collaboration. For example, to foster collaboration between the referring physician and radiology, Intelerad can instantly and digitally route studies to this department, enabling radiology to send back the report together with annotated imaging – this is all possible with our powerful solutions.

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