Patient Portal

Cloud-based healthcare record management

Empower patients

Put patients at the core of your healthcare delivery services and empower them with anytime, anywhere access to their healthcare records.

Patients can easily log-in to the zero-footprint patient portal powered by the Cloud Imaging Platform and have direct access to their exam history, images, and reports.

A brand to call your own

Stand out from the rest and customize the look and feel of your nuage® Patient Portal offering.

Use the Patient Portal Administration Console to add your own logo, customize the page headers, and adjust the color scheme to seamlessly blend in with your existing brand.

Access granting

How much time and money do you lose burning patient images to CDs?

Patient Portal allows patients to securely grant access to their health records to anyone, allowing you to remove the costs and inefficiencies associated with burning images to CDs while simultaneously increasing patient satisfaction and engagement.

Key features

  • Zero-Footprint patient portal
  • Anytime, anywhere access to exam history, images, and reports from multiple providers
  • Access Granting
  • Secure and tightly controlled access
  • Eliminate the costs of image CD burning

See how nuage® Patient Portal can work for you