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Improving performance by reviewing diagnostic quality

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Peer Review Capabilities

Continually improve patient care levels

Intelerad’s Peer Review module helps raise quality standards across the enterprise by allowing physicians to review the diagnostic quality of colleagues’ reads and provide structured and systematic feedback in a timely manner.

Ease of use facilitates process

Integrated directly into the physician and radiologists’ workflow, the Peer Review module offers rapid access to a consistent review process that facilitates internal assessment and rapidly delivers feedback to positively impact patient care and maintain high quality standards. This feedback is provided to the radiologist who conducted the read, as well as internal quality control teams.

Ensure that quotas are met

To help clarify strengths and weaknesses within the enterprise, Intelerad Peer Review allows quotas to be set to ensure that each physician, site, modality, body part and more, receive an appropriate number of reviews. The module also provides functionality to ensure all physicians meet their peer review performance objectives.

A Powerful Workflow

Eliminate bias from the process

Intelerad’s Peer Review module uses a proprietary selection engine that distributes peer review requests in a randomized, quota-driven manner. This prevents physicians or radiologists from knowing whose cases they are reviewing, which ensures objectivity throughout the process.

Tightly integrated analytics

When integrated with Intelerad Analytics, members of quality control teams or system administrators are provided user-friendly dashboards that allow them to quickly review the performance of individual physicians, radiologists, or groups, or analyze reading capabilities for specific modalities.

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