Image Fusion™

AI-augmented workflow

A viewing breakthrough in oncology

Intelerad’s Image Fusion™ module provides advanced quantitative tracking of patient lesion histories across different modalities. Fully-integrated into your reading and reporting workflow, the module enables the interpretation and review of multimodality images, including PET/CT scans, SPECT/CT, and PET/MR, from any InteleViewer™ workstation in your medical imaging organization.

Compare patient studies and share results from one streamlined workflow

Designed to increase productivity and quality of reads for clinicians in hospitals and specialty centers, Image Fusion automates instant image registration, segmentation and side-by-side positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) study comparisons for quantitative tracking of patient lesion histories across different modalities.

The solution also offers a suite of powerful interactive visualization tools and one-click collaboration for referrers, accessible from anywhere across the enterprise using InteleViewer.

Faster comparisons with PET/CT fusion

Providing support for all hybrid modalities and standalone systems, Intelerad Image Fusion allows the simultaneous comparison of up to four combined PET/CT or PET/MR studies, with automatic registration of priors. The module also provides intuitive comparisons with fast and automated registration of hybrid images with a multi-prior manager, layout manager and hot spot ‘measure once’ indexing.

Better patient care

Image Fusion allows clinicians to review patients’ evolving quantitative history across synchronized images and measurements of follow-up visits. It also allows users to visualize lesions using max SUV volumes to highlight responses to treatment and precisely adjust care plans.

Key features

  • Multi-Prior Manager for fast, convenient setup of side-by-side comparisons
  • Improved Quantification Tools offer faster, more accurate reads, with auto-segmentation and calculation
  • SUV Measurement eliminates the need to repeat prior measurements
  • Referrer Atlas allows user to save key findings for the referring physician, as a clear PDF infographic, or as new image series in IntelePACS
  • Lesion tracking using RECIST and PERCIST criteria
  • Autosegmentation of PET and CT scan images for rapid determination of lesion volumes
  • Tools for automatically registering and saving standalone CT and MR series with existing PET/CT studies

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