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Intelerad elevates the radiology specialty reading experience with embedded advanced visualization applications that provide critical toolsets to aid in the efficiency and diagnostic process of advanced radiology procedures.

Boost volumetric image performance and speed

Our advanced visualization solution facilitates image distribution and on-the-fly access to volumetric images and data (including priors) in real time, eliminating the need for back and forth iterations with technologists or a dedicated specialty imaging lab for data reconstruction. For optimal performance, Intelerad Advanced Visualization automatically selects the most efficient and fastest rendering technology (client or server) based on the type of data being read, whether the data is stored locally or remotely and the available network bandwidth.

Key Benefits

Faster comparisons with PET/CT fusion

Intelerad Advanced Visualization provides a fully-interactive volume visualization system, with no compromises in speed, quality, or usability. Users have the ability to make better decisions through effective utilization of imaging data. HDVR overcomes current imaging limitations by allowing fast visualization and analysis of large amounts of data and its seamless distribution to users in different locations.

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