Connectivity Suite

Diagnostic and connectivity solution for hospitals

At a glance

The Imaging Connectivity Suite is a diagnostic and connectivity solution for hospitals and their communities to implement next generation functionality without replacing legacy PACS and RIS systems.

A scalable and agile solution to enhance clinical care by connecting internal and external clinicians/referrers across all wards, sites, and regions. Fully-featured web-based solution for remote and local reporting as well as scalable and secure web connectivity for hospital wards, clinics, and referrers. The suite can deliver the following key benefits:

  • Ward/Clinic Worklists
  • Secure access for internal and external clinicians for rapid diagnostic report and image access
  • Patient Portal for patient access anytime
  • Web-friendly zero footprint radiology workflow tools
  • Privacy management

Clinical connectivity

A seamless viewing suite to deliver immediate access to radiology images and results across the entire hospital or hospital region’s clinician community including external referrers. Feature rich and intuitive Clinical connectivity provides intuitive web-based access to images and reports for all clinicians and helps extend the life of legacy PACS and RIS systems.

  • Real-time patient activity dashboard
  • High performance across all bandwidths and multiple geographies
  • Automatic assignment of study access for referrers based on existing EMR/HIS/RIS data
  • Critical and incidental finding workflows between radiologists, specialists, and referrers
  • Secure handling of patient information

Diagnostic capability

Access the latest diagnostic tools using web-based, highly customizable workflows for seamless onsite and remote reporting for any single or multi-site hospital environment.

Odyssey™ is also designed to help accelerate your way to greater ROI:

  • Unify disparate systems into a single reporting worklist
  • Comprehensive viewing, diagnostic and reporting including subspecialty workflows
  • Enhanced user experience featuring customisable worklists, viewing tools and advanced layout protocols
  • Web administration tools for user and security management
  • Optional full cycle critical results workflows

Patient accessibility

Make patients an integral part of your community with the optional Patient Portal. The portal is a web-based and secure portal that provides patients with access to their own radiology images and results from any desktop or smart device.

  • Electronic access to images and reports by patients with an intuitive interface
  • Drive patient involvement through a modern, cloud-based patient portal for anytime, anywhere access to exam history, images and reports
  • User-directed administration with self management of passwords
  • No additional storage or infrastructure requirements
  • User and event auditing

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