InteleViewer: Convenient, Customizable, and Collaborative

InteleViewer is an advanced visualization system designed to enhance radiologists' productivity, accuracy, and collaboration. With seamless access to patient studies, full DICOM support, and powerful tools for image manipulation, InteleViewer augments the reading environment for superior outcomes. 

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Efficient Access to Patient Studies

InteleViewer provides a seamless user experience that provides access to all studies for a selected patient. The intuitive interface ensures that radiologists can quickly and easily find and review the necessary information. Whether dealing with multiple datasets or a single study, InteleViewer makes accessing patient data straightforward and efficient. 

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Comprehensive Toolset

InteleViewer comes equipped with visualization tools that allow radiologists to thoroughly analyze imaging. It supports image modalities like CT, MR, X-ray, ultrasound, PET, and mammography, for a broad range of imaging organizations. Advanced visualizations like linked image stacking, 3D imaging cross-referencing, multi-planar reconstructions, maximum intensity projections, and volume rendering enhance the diagnostic environment for maximum accuracy. 

These features enable radiologists to conduct comprehensive reviews utilizing diverse image modalities and visualizations with automatically loaded priors for comparison.  

Customizable Image Layouts

Radiologists can define customized image layouts, hanging protocols, and sequence protocols to fit their workflow. Hanging protocols automatically arrange images based on predefined preferences, and sequence protocols display studies in a consistent order, streamlining the reading process. This level of customization in the user interface gives each radiologist the freedom to set up their workspace to their preference.

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Critical Results Management

InteleViewer includes a Critical Results Management system designed to ensure that critical findings are communicated efficiently and effectively. This system automatically sends alerts to designated recipients when a critical finding is identified via email, SMS, or within the InteleViewer system. If a critical result is not acknowledged within a specified timeframe, the system automatically escalates the notification to another provider or supervisor, ensuring that urgent findings are addressed promptly. 

Web-Enabled Convenience and Collaboration Features

InteleViewer provides a remote reading experience with lossless image streaming so radiologists can access high-quality imaging from anywhere without dealing with extended loading times.  

The web-based access functionality enables remote reading, fostering collaboration with colleagues even when they are not in the same physical location. Conference mode allows for live review and discussion so multiple users can view the same images simultaneously. For asynchronous teams, the share annotations feature allows radiologists to add notes, measurements, and highlights to images for collaborative review.

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