Executive Brief:

Step Away from PACS and Move to the Cloud

Executive Insights from Republic County Hospital, Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists, and Ambra Health

Executive Brief: Step Away from PACS and Move to the Cloud

Healthcare organizations of all sizes are shifting from PACS to cloud-based vendor-neutral archives. This move is driven by three key trends:

  • An increasing amount of diverse healthcare data.
  • Patient demands for accessibility.
  • The imperative of disaster recovery.

New regulation calls for greater interoperability in healthcare and increased patient access to health data. Combined, these challenges and initiatives demand a more holistic approach to image archive and management.

In support of these goals, cloud VNAs allow the connection of other systems (like a RIS or EHR) and make it simple to transfer and view studies, integrate priors, and create holistic patient health records.

From the insights of this brief you will learn:

  • Why your organization needs to consolidate disparate imaging systems.
  • How elastic cloud architecture scales to meet increasing image volumes, systems, users, and organizations.
  • Understanding patient demands for access.