Providers Go All In To Meet New Consumer Demands

Ambra eBook Providers Go All In to Meet New Consumer DemandsToday’s healthcare consumer is very comfortable with technology, and they are basing their healthcare decisions on how well facilities are using digital tools for their benefit. Some providers have taken these steps but not all have been able to give patients ease of access to their health information, including imaging.

In this ebook, we walk you through all the ways that your practice can go “all in” to meet healthcare consumers’ demands. We’ll show medical practices like Disc have switched to cloud image management to save time and improve patient care, and how other facilities like the Barrow Neurological Institute have used the cloud to develop new sources of revenue.

Download the eBook today to learn more about these 5 ways that providers can go “all in”:

  1. Reduce front desk administration time
  2. Offer image accessibility – before and after a visit
  3. Provide patients access to a radiologist
  4. Establish new channels
  5. Make your site patient friendly