A Shift in Archiving

Cloud VNA for Business Continuity & More

A Shift in Archiving by Ambra Health

A new trend is emerging where all facilities, not just large hospital systems, are stepping away from PACS and shifting their archiving to cloud-based vendor-neutral archives. There are a few key factors in this shift, like the increasing amount of healthcare data, patients demanding increased accessibility, and disaster recovery becoming a new priority.

Cloud VNAs allow the connection of other systems like a RIS or EHRs and made it simple to transfer and view studies, integrate priors, and create a holistic patient health record.

Download the eBook today to learn how a Cloud VNA connects systems and unifies medical imaging data.

  • The cloud eliminates burdensome VPNs by consolidating disparate imaging systems into one scalable cloud repository.
  • With elastic cloud architecture, the VNA accommodates ever increasing image volumes, systems, users, and organizations without the need to worry about provisioning more infrastructure and resources.
  • Learn the importance of split-merge technology when it comes to effectively storing and protecting images in the cloud.